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Here is the Come, Follow Me resource guide for Amos; Obadiah. Don’t forget to download the ScripturePlus app for a guided reading plan and additional resources!

Come, Follow Me Insights

To discuss Amos and Obadiah, this week Taylor and Tyler invite Fred Woods. Fred has a PhD in the Hebrew Bible, and his insights on these two books will help you to better understand the Old Testament. 

Amos; Obadiah | Nov 14-20 | Come Follow Me Insights

Daily Come Follow Me Videos

Day 1: Marianna Richardson – The Plumbline of the Lord

Marianna Richardson explains the use of a plumbline for a builder and how that relates to the Savior.

Day 2: Taylor Halverson – Amos Explains God’s Covenant

Taylor Halverson details the list of covenantal obligations the Lord asked His people to live up to. 

Day 3: Casey Griffiths – Saviours on Mount Zion

Casey Griffiths teaches about a collective noun that you probably have not heard before.

Day 4: Lynne Hilton Wilson – Amos: Come, Back to Me

Lynne Hilton Wilson dives into the last two chapters of Amos.

Additional Resources

Amos 1: Amos shows the Lord’s judgments upon Syria, the Philistines, Tyre, Edom, and Ammon.

Amos 2: The Lord will pour out judgments upon Moab, Judah, and Israel for their unrighteousness.

Amos 3: The Lord reveals His secrets unto His servants the prophets—Because Israel rejects the prophets and follows evil, the nation is overwhelmed by an adversary.

Amos 4: The Lord withholds rain, sends famine and pestilence, and destroys gardens and vineyards as judgments upon His people, yet they do not return unto the Lord.

Amos 5: The people of Israel are exhorted to seek the Lord and do good so that they may live—Their sacrifices to false gods are abhorrent.

Amos 6: Woe to them who are at ease in Zion—Israel will be plagued with desolation.

Amos 7: Amos relates how he was called of God to be a prophet—He prophesies the captivity of Israel.

Amos 8: Amos prophesies the downfall of Israel—There will be a famine of hearing the word of the Lord.

Amos 9: Israel will be sifted among all nations—In the last days, the people of Israel will be gathered again into their own land, and it will become productive.

Obadiah : Obadiah prophesies the downfall of Edom—Saviors will stand upon Mount Zion.

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