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VIDEO: Navigating Grief: The Power of Connection | Hope Works

How do you deal with grief? How do you comfort those who are grieving? Grief can make us question everythingโ€”our existence, our identity, even our path in life. You may feel abandoned, alone, powerless, pointless, forgotten, condemned, unmoored, or even nothing at all. How do you ignite hope when youโ€™re in the midst of grief?
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Don’t try to follow all the Lord’s counsel at once

There are many things in our day to day, secular lives that we โ€œoughtโ€ to do. Like putting the junk mail in the recycling bin instead of the trash can. Or opting for the salad over the meat loverโ€™s pizza. But we often donโ€™t do what we know we should. Why? Because weโ€™re lazy? Maybe. But I think itโ€™s mostly because we see these โ€œsuggestionsโ€ as optionalโ€“ like โ€œextra creditโ€ in life. They are something to strive for when time permits, but not something so important we should bend over backward trying to make it work. Trying out all the little โ€œsuggestionsโ€ in life all at once is impossible, and we know it. So we accept the fact that we simply canโ€™t lose 50 pounds and reduce our carbon footprint and double-pay our mortgage and get that promotion and spend more time with family and learn a new language and write that novel all at the same time. Not everything is worth the effort right now. We have to focus on whatโ€™s most important (provide for our families, etc) and then decide which โ€œsuggestionsโ€ we want to focus on with our remaining attention. In other words, when it comes to secular matters, we are realistic and we prioritize. But wait. We are faced with the same deluge of suggestions about the spiritual matters of our lives, too.
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Joy. It’s our purpose!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you today? How about the past week? The past year? Or overall? Would you (and those around you) consider you to be a generally happy person overall? Maybe youโ€™re just not a โ€œhappyโ€ kind of person. Maybe youโ€™re not a total grump, but maybe on the overall personality spectrum, youโ€™re a bit closer to the Mr. Grinch end than the Relief Society President end. Maybe youโ€™re holding out hope that you would be eventually happy. You know, once your sons have returned from their missions. And your quorum takes their ministering assignments seriously. And your husband stops leaving the toilet seat up. Or maybe youโ€™re just enduring life right now and looking forward to that day of release when you will finally be able to rest in eternal felicity in heaven because sure then you will be happy, right?
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