VIDEO: Alex Boyé - The Power of Priesthood to Heal the Sick

VIDEO: Alex Boyé – The Power of Priesthood to Heal the Sick


In December 2020, internationally famous LDS singer, dancer, and actor Alex Boyé delivered a youth fireside talk to Latter-day Saints in Queen Creek Arizona. 


In one portion of the his comments, Boyé related his own experience of people in his life finding power in the priesthood to perform miracles of healing the sick. He spoke of the differences he saw in the use of this priesthood power between church members in Africa and England and Utah. One experience he himself participated in while a young man greatly affected him and he shares the lessons learned about how to cultivate and call upon that power through daily acts of devotional scripture study, prayer and faith.


See the full fireside here:


00:01 – Joseph Smith’s First Vision and those that deny the power of God

01:02 – Are we still denying the power?

02:11 – Priesthood healing in England and Africa vs Utah

04:57 – Have miracles ceased? Is medicine a scapegoat for lack of faith?

07:00 – Alex participates in miraculous faith healing

11:37 – How to live so that you can have priesthood power through faith


Learn more about Alex Boye at his website:

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