Can THE BOOK OF MORMON MUSICAL help people find the Church? Watch this video and read this Reddit string . . .

Love it or hate it, it cannot be denied that The Book of Mormon Musical draws attention to the Church. Take a look at the opportunities it creates!




The Book of Mormon Musical: My conversion – Guest speaker Tanner Hutchens.

Tanners Instagram: Tannerhutchens

Posted by Hi Five Live on Friday, August 11, 2017


The Book of Mormon Musical hits Salt Lake City (again)

What do you think of the Book of Mormon Musical?

It is back in Salt Lake City (as you can see in the video below), and the Church continues to be savvy in how they use the Musical to create dialogue about the Gospel through the play (see this post for example: http://bit.ly/2vDnoLi).

Should the Church shun the musical because it throws barbs and ridicules LDS beliefs, or should the Church leverage the opportunity? Tell us in the comments below!

NOTE: Special thanks to the HuffPo for the latest article on the musical hitting Salt Lake once again–http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/lds-church-book-of-mormon-ad_us_5984e33ae4b08b75dcc6f7cc.

Posted by LDS S.M.I.L.E. on Sunday, August 6, 2017


[–]goonie615319 points

I was actually introduced to the church because of the musical. I never had any contact with the church or missionaries before seeing it. It sparked an interest to see what the LDS church and its members actually believed and I started doing my own research into the religion. Eventually I met with some missionaries and was baptized a couple months later! I’ve been a member since September and it has completely changed my life! I was contacted by a lady from “The Tennessean” (the main paper in Tennessee) to be the subject of an article about my conversion. It ended up being on the front page and USA Today picked it up also!


[–]dedinthewater20 points

When the show came to our city, our elders quorum painted a giant sign with holes cut out in the heads so play-goers could snap a picture dressed as a missionary outside the theater. The fulltime missionaries handed out hundreds of copies of the book of Mormon. The local news did a story on our reaction


[–]Lambinater 10 points

The same guys who made this play made South Park, in which they have an episode that makes fun of World of Warcraft. That episode became very popular, and the game Word of Warcraft started throwing its own ads in there like this.

It’s pretty clever. I’m sure we’ll hear stories that people who later joined the church found out about the church through this play.

[–]mlkthrowaway 6 points

I’m sure we’ll hear stories that people who later joined the church found out about the church through this play.

some people, reportedly, already have.

also note that i’m sure we’ll also hear stories about people that left the church or decided not to investigate the church because of the play as well.

many clouds have silver linings, but they are still clouds.

[–]theCrocChoose to Rock! 1 point

Anyone basing their decision to leave the church on one play like that is just trying to come up with an excuse. They were already going to leave.

[–]thecookiemaker 12 points

I had a fun talk with a guy on my mission who didn’t know anything about the Mormons other than what he’d learned from South Park. We all laughed about the funny moments from the episode and then explained what things they had right and what things they had wrong. It was a very enjoyable discussion.

[–]TheShannaBerry 6 points

Wait…What is it that the South Park episode got wrong? I was under the impression that it was pretty accurate.

[–]SuddenStorm1234 3 points

I think the only thing wrong with it is the negative tone throughout- it’s mocking the church. Historically, it’s pretty dang accurate.

[–]TheShannaBerry 5 points

Just because it’s mocking doesn’t mean it’s wrong. But we agree otherwise.

[–]SuddenStorm1234 1 point

The fact it’s mocking the church gives members a reason to discount the episode, despite the fact that it is accurate in it’s depiction of early church events. That’s what’s wrong with the episode, I’m not saying the episode itself is wrong.

[–]TheShannaBerry 3 points

The fact that the show is rate TV-MA is enough to make members discount it. Just because something is negative about the church, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It’s perspective. And in this case the intent is humorous.

[–]thecookiemaker 1 point

The guy had gotten the impression from the episode that we were demon worshippers. He thought the part about how the plates were translated was pretty cool.

[–]TheShannaBerry 2 points

Lol demon worshippers? That’s a first. That episode doesn’t give off a single vibe or image of demon worshipping. I wouldn’t doubt if he pulled that info from past rhetoric not the episode.

[–]thecookiemaker 3 points

Yeah the guy was pretty funny. He greeted us by saying “Hey! Hey! I’m one of you. I’m a demon worshipper too.” He then invited us in. We joked about him being a demon worshipper and then pointed out the WWJD bracelet he was wearing, the picture of Christ and Mary he had hanging on the wall, and the family bible that was sitting on the table by his living room window. We then asked him why he thought we were demon worshippers and he pointed out the South Park episode.

[–]Octosteel [score hidden]

Doesn’t the episode say nobody else ever saw the golden plates? I know the musical does and that was one inaccuracy.

[–]TheShannaBerry [score hidden]

No that is true. The witnesses never saw the plates with their eyes. They saw them with their “spiritual eyes”.

[–]boredcircuits [score hidden]

I think it was only Martin Harris who ever used the phrase “spiritual eyes” … and even he sometimes described actually handling the plates, not just seeing them.

Suggested reading.

[–]mlkthrowaway [score hidden]

The witnesses never saw the plates with their eyes.

alex, i’ll take “get your facts straight” for $400.


[–]nerdybro 7 points

Well played

[–]zeezromnomnomNomnomnoming on the Gospel 2 points

Pun genius acknowledged.

[–]jessembStrength before weakness. Life before death. 1 point

A brilliant example of the Reverse Streisand Effect.

[–]acisnotI sit in the back. 1 point

There’s no such thing as bad PR 🙂

[–]kiralouisethe mormon bartender 1 point

The signs around Melbourne say “You’ve seen the musical, now read the book”. It’s awesome.

[–]WOWsirs 1 point

That play is in my city right now ..! I want to go but it’s always sold out -.-

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