So, Jordan (from FunCheaporFree) and Bubba Page had a YouTube Live discussing Mormon beliefs with their subscribers and fans!

How did it go?

Take a look!



This is a deeply personal Q&A that has been on our minds for some time now. After months and months of questions about our religion and Christian beliefs, we felt it time to properly answer them for you! We have nothing to hide and are so happy to share! This video is in NO WAY trying to convince anyone to become Mormon, and is in no way comparing our religion to any other. We are simply answering your questions, just like we do about other topics! It’s fun, and I hope you watch to the end (it gets a bit emotional, ha!). We take our beliefs very seriously, they are incredibly special and sacred to us. We apologize in advance, but have decided to turn off the comments for this video. We want to protect ourselves and anyone one else who is watching, and we want to keep the vibe as loving and accepting as possible. So we ask that this video be introspective for anyone who watches, rather than leaving a comment. Thank you for understanding!

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