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6 Video Marketing Tips for A Smarter Marketing Strategy


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Videos are winning the internet with catchy content on social media. But what makes the videos trend on the internet? Of course, content quality is fundamental, but the right marketing strategy is equally important. 


Video making essentially consists of four stages – pre-production, production, post-production, and promotion. Each step is equally important and needs the correct strategy to make that stage work successfully for you and your video. 


Video marketing strategy is one such function that needs to be followed at the promotion stage of video making. Once you have created a quality video, it is time to promote it correctly, making it reachable to more audiences. 


If the promotion is not done well, the effort spent in creating even the best quality video may be in vain. So for all you video creators, here are the best video marketing tips to make your videos and profile rule the internet. 


First, let’s look at some of the video marketing statistics to understand the importance of video marketing:

  • As per a report, mobile video consumption volumes increase by 100% every year.
  • According to another report, 87% of marketers use video content in their marketing strategy.
  • According to a report, the sharing of content on social media platforms is 1200% higher for videos as compared to images and other content.

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6 video marketing tips for smarter strategy

Follow the below video marketing tips when you create the next video:


Have a clear purpose


It’s easy to create a good marketing strategy with so many video editor tools. But to make a good video, you must first determine the purpose for making the video. 

Consider the below points while deciding the goal of making the video:

  • Decide the focus of the content. Ask yourself if it is meant to be realistic, educational, entertaining or hypothetical.
  • Consider the target audience, such as age group, demographics, and audience preference.
  • Consider the budget for the video making.
  • Make sure the content is entertaining, interesting and informative.

Decide the theme for the video

The theme of the video should be clear to create quality content and make the video look good to the audience. You can select themes such as storylines, DIY, how-to, documentaries, training, testimonials, documentaries, webinars, demos, and much more. Selecting the correct theme is the primary key to a good video marketing strategy. You can add a call to action at the end of the video to make the audience more engaged.

Know the target audience

It is of utmost importance to understand the target audience, and the kind of content they would like to watch. The knowledge of the likes and dislikes of the audience also lets you create good quality content that can get you more likes, comments and shares. Using a variety of tools for social media marketing, you can track your target audience based on age, demographics, gender, and other details. A good video marketing strategy works well when you know your target audience. You can ask your audience about the content they are looking for and create the videos according to their needs.


It is necessary to stay updated with the latest trends in video making. You should know the latest trends in the video content marketplace. You can select the genre, content and theme according to that and decide the type of audience you want to target. Choose content that is more popular on the internet. When naming the video, choose a name that is related to your brand and matches the nature of the target audience. Use different hashtags that can make your video appear at the top of the list.


Choose the right platform to publish the videos

The choice of platform plays a vital role in making the content available to a wider audience. Post and share your video over as many social media platforms as you want. The most trending among them are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter, SlideShare, and many others. However, YouTube and Instagram are on the top of the list of trendiest platforms for sharing video content. 


The more you share your video on these platforms, the more likely you will be able to reach your audience. Different platforms have different types of audiences. Hence, making the content popular among a wider audience is key. Not only the right platform, but you should also keep in mind the right time to publish the video.


Make a strategy to measure the success of video

Once you have created a stunning video using the best video editor and posted it on social media platforms, it is time to evaluate the performance. Make a strategy to evaluate the performance of your video to know how successful your videos are becoming. The different methods to know the success rate of your video are likes, comments, total views, play rate, shares on social media, rate of engagement, sales growth, and growth of email list. Once you understand the success rate of your video, you will be able to know the improvement areas and create better content in the future.


All in all, we can say that video marketing is the future. Although video content is the most trending content over social media today, following the right marketing strategy is equally important. Marketing strategies are changing very fast, and it is necessary to follow the latest trends to get the best out of them. The purpose of the video gets fulfilled when you can make it available to a large audience, get more likes, comments, shares, views, and make your channel popular. 


But remember that you must invest in the right video editing tools to give your videos a professional look. Viewers today will instantly switch to another video if they come across content that is poorly made. Therefore, it is a must to invest in the right software to create stunning videos. So, follow the video marketing strategy tips shared in this article and make your videos go viral over the internet.


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