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LDS Church Releases new media library mobile app (which is great for teachers!)

The LDS Media Library mobile app is a new app from the Church that provides access to Church videos, images, and music. With this new app, you can organize, download, and use videos, images, and music offline when teaching and sharing media at Church, at home, and on the go.
Although the existing Gospel Library mobile app provides access to some images and videos, this new app lets you do the following:

  • Access videos, images, and music from the LDS Media Library on While this initial launch is a basic release with limited content, the app will eventually have all the material that is available on the LDS Media Library on
  • Play your media without worrying about an internet connection. Automatic downloads ensure that all your content is available on your device before your lesson.
  • Make playlists of images, videos, and music. Create a playlist of your favorites, or a playlist for a specific lesson you will teach in the order you want to show the images and videos. You can also add presenter notes in the playlist.
  • Although the media is downloaded to your smartphone or tablet, you can connect it to a monitor or projector with a cable or cast your playlist to a larger screen using Chromecast or Apple TV,.
  • Create video clips (by specifying a beginning and ending point), so you can show just a segment of a video.
  • Share your content and playlists through email or social media with family, friends, and those you teach. Share your testimony. Share your media.

The LDS Media Library mobile app is available in both the Apple and Android app stores for both smartphones and tablets.

If you have already been using the beta version of this app, I suggest you delete it before downloading this public version.

This new app takes a major step forward in making videos, images, and music available to complement Sunday lessons, Family Home Evenings, or for individual enjoyment. If you have feedback, please send it to

Learn more on the landing page for the LDS Media Library mobile app.

In the coming months, the app will include the ability to add text slides to your presentation, such as scriptures and quotes, integrated from the Gospel Library app. Another planned feature is to add pictures and videos from your camera roll so you can share personal experiences using your own media.

Below are a few screenshots from the app:



Below is a table that compares the new LDS Media Library app with the Gospel Library app:




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