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?? ????? | #LightTheWorld



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?? ?????.
Two words that changed the trajectory of everything past, present, and future.
As I reflect upon 2020 and the utter disruption and chaos that has ensued, I am grateful for places of peace and refuges of rejuvenation.
My places of quiet contemplation are sometimes on the trail while I run or inside sacred buildings where I feel the truest forms of worship occur, but if I had to choose one place where I felt enveloped by a palpable and undeniable sense of peace, it was here.
???? ?????—where undergoing death and detachment meant overcoming sin and separation
???? ?????—where woman was the primary witness
???? ?????—גן הקבר
And because of this place, and those two seemingly simple words, I have hope.
And because of that hope, I not only persevere, I do my best to serve others and reflect His light.
And because it was actually empty, my cup is truly full.
He gives us hope
When hope is gone
He give us strength
When we can’t go on
He give us shelter
In the storms of life
???? ?????’? ?? ????? ?? ?????
????? ?? ????? ?? ??????
(Lyrics by Niklaus Day)


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