Using Asana to Manage Your Ward or Auxiliary – MLH Live Hangout #3


Previously I posted about using the excellent, free, “Getting Things Done” tool, Asana, in your ward or other church-related organization. Today, I interviewed Bishops & MLH-contributors Jeff VanDrimmelen and Kurt Francom about how they’re using Asana to better organize their Bishopric’s, ward council’s, and auxiliaries. Both told me (and those viewing the live broadcast) about how… Read More

How to Amass 250GB+ of FREE DropBox-Like Cloud Storage with Copy


This will only take you $25 (or less) and 2hrs time (or less), and save you potentially hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the years, vs paying for backup or cloud-sync storage. Limited Time Opportunity The key here is Copy, a new DrobBox-like service that’s trying to grow it’s userbase quickly and virally. They’re… Read More

Use ‘Amazon Mom’ to Automate & Save on Diapers & Family Essentials


I just stumbled across Amazon Mom the other day. No, Amazon Mom is not a super-warrior mother of other warrior women, it’s a program Amazon offer’s targeted at mothers or anyone who is responsible for buying diapers and other essentials for babies and young children. Basically, you put diapers, wipes, and other items you might… Read More

The Power of Questions 1: Finding the Problem by Questioning the Basics


This is post #1 of 2 in the series “Power of Questions” Questions are powerful things. A primary doctrine of Mormonism is service and sacrifice: putting somebody else’s needs above our own. These posts will help you use questions to bless the lives of others, and your own life. The Power of Close-Ended Questions In… Read More

DIY: Create Your Own Topical Guide

Topical Guide

Have you ever met anyone that has an amazing mind for retention? You can typically find these freaks of nature teaching LDS institute at your local college. Any topic can come up and they confidently say, “That reminds me of a scripture; let’s turn to it, shall we?” Contrast that with someone like myself. I usually say, “That reminds… Read More