Wilford Woodruff's Most Vital Question: How Does Eternity Feel Today?

Wilford Woodruff’s Most Vital Question: How Does Eternity Feel Today?


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Wilford Woodruff’s Vital Question: How Does Eternity Feel Today?

By Jennifer Ann Mackley

Wilford Woodruff once asked, β€œWhat is there that can tempt any man to depart from the Gospel of Christ?” This question followed his stated belief in the resurrection, the promise of life with our loved ones, our Savior, and our Heavenly Parents. He said, β€œWe have everything to encourage us. When you think of eternal life; when you think of the heavenly hosts; when you think of those that have gone before us, awaiting the final resurrection . . . [to] enter into His glory, what is there that can tempt any man to depart from the Gospel of Christ?” …



Insights in the Papers: Amy Hepworth

By Connor Olvera


β€œThe doctors said I could not live,” Wilford Woodruff recorded.

Just after the completion of the Salt Lake Temple, President Woodruff stood at death’s doorstep. Medical professionals gave a bleak diagnosis. However, he was preserved by the hand of God.

In his June 24, 1894 discourse, he testified, β€œMy life was spared because this people were putting up petitions in my behalf continually before God. I feel to bless you my brethren and sisters. May He help us all to do our duty, and be prepared for the great events coming upon this earth.” The Saints’ powerful prayers brought God’s blessings to prolong the life of their beloved Prophet …


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Great News

Our Research Team is working in conjunction with FamilySearch to prepare over 1,000 biographical sketches highlighting some of the 8,000 individuals Wilford Woodruff includes in his history of the Restoration. Including Wilford Woodruff’s documents as a primary source for family history research will allow the descendants of these individuals to better understand their role in Church history. To accomplish this incredible task the Wilford Woodruff Papers recruited volunteers from BYU-Idaho’s Family History Research Certificate Program and hired seven interns pursuing undergraduate degrees in Family History from a variety of universities. We appreciate their skills and passion for the Project and we are excited to add their work to the resources available on FamilySearch.



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