Shawn Rapier Comedian LDS MissionCast

Want to be a funny missionary? Here’s how.

Shawn Rapier Comedian LDS MissionCast
Nick Galieti (host-left) and Shawn Rapier (guest-right) talk about the role of humor in missionary work on the LDS MissionCast – The Podcast for LDS Missionaries.

Shawn Rapier is a well-known mormon stand-up comedian, as well as a return missionary. In the latest episode of the LDS MissionCast, Shawn shares some of his experience as a stand up to help find ways where missionaries can use humor when sharing the gospel, and situations when humor is inappropriate. Humor is one of those things the Missionary Guide or Preach My Gospel manuals aren’t likely to cover.

Host Nick Galieti, and Shawn Rapier tell some funny stories from their mission experiences that help illustrate ways where humor can be a rewarding addition to the mission experience.


For this and other great mission tips you won’t get anywhere else, listen and subscribe to the LDS MissionCast Podcast.


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