The Remarkable Story of Joseph the Carpenter

Joseph, the adoptive father of Jesus Christ, is perhaps one of the most overlooked characters in the life of the Savior and the story of the Nativity. Yet, there is no question that Joseph left a powerful impact on Jesus, Mary, and their other children. He was a man of solid conviction. His love for Mary, the mother of Jesus, is unmatched. Because Joseph’s story is only covered in four chapters of the Bible and he most likely died before the ministry of the Savior, we often gloss over him, and sadly miss the powerful witness he left of his adopted son, the Messiah of the world.

We know relatively few details about Joseph from the scriptures, but through insights from the historical background of life in Israel, we can actually weave together a beautiful tapestry on the life of Joseph. Watch the full video on Joseph here, or read the blog post here. Enjoy and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season!

Daniel Smith
Messages of Christ