Through creative storytelling and bold illustrations, THE CEO’S TIME MACHINE (Casa Flamingo Literary Arts, June 1, 2020), brings readers on an unexpected journey: an outgoing CEO walks his protégé, through a strange garage rumored to house a top-secret time machine. This literal walk down memory lane, is filled with seemingly insignificant junk and artifacts (an 8-track tape, a game of monopoly, an old cash register and a Roman statue) but each shares a strategic purpose in the underlying business philosophies and principles essential for successful leadership and innovation.

An experienced creative director, experience designer and now author, Geoff Thatcher, excels at creating entertaining and engaging theme park attractions, museum exhibits and visitor centers from concept to reality. This suspenseful virtual tour through the past, present, and, yes, the future is no exception. Visually stimulating, illustrator and daughter, Zoe Thatcher’s daring images capture the emotions of the time traveling protégé.



This business parable powerfully reminds readers that envisioning the future doesn’t mean forgetting about the past or ignoring the present. From the Wright brothers’ rise to glory and ultimate business failure and Charles Kettering’s innovative adaptiveness across industries to Kelly Johnson’s decisive decision making at Lockheed Martin’s SkunkWorks and Disney’s $7.4 billion mistake, THE CEO’S TIME MACHINE will transform how you view leadership and innovation.