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Richard “Papa” Ostler | Listen, Learn and Love: Improving Latter-day Saint Culture


Richard Ostler

Dear Friends,

Exciting News! Today is the release day for our new book called “Listen, Learn and Love: Improving Latter-day Saint Culture.”

The book is available at Amazon in paperback, kindle, and audiobook (timing TBD).

The book will be at Deseret Book in late March.

The purpose of the book is to improve our culture so more are able to connect with and benefit from our restored doctrineβ€”and the healing and hope it brings into their lives.
The chapters are:
Chapter 1: Improving our culture to be nonjudgmental and more loving
Chapter 2: Measuring progress by coming to Christ and not callings
Chapter 3: Women in the Church (written by Susan Meredith Hinckley and Cynthia Harrington Winward)
Chapter 4: Ending pornography use
Chapter 5: Hope-filled repentance
Chapter 6: Creating better understanding of mental illness and suicide
Chapter 7: Overcoming scrupulosity (religious OCD)
Chapter 8: Variations in missionary service
Chapter 9: Manifest love – even in politics (written by David Cook)

Chapter 10: Ministering to those with questions

Your can read the introduction at:…/Listen%20Learn%20and%20Love…

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Thanks to my friends at Cedar Fort Publishing & Media for publishing the book and my editors Trina Caudle and Marci McPhee.

Thank you for all whose stories on in this book. You are some of my heroesβ€”your stories and insights help us better create Zion.

With Love, Richard ‘Papa’ Ostler



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