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More miracles every day, but some mean a lot to me.

I truly think we have to think thank him for that help solve it. I, I have help all the time. I had a. A flu shot last fall. And I don’t know how to react to it, because it was very painful, it was given to me on the top of my shoulder instead of in the muscle.

But it was it became very, very painful and I couldn’t sleep because of it. So I thought, well, I’m going to have to get up and take some. Tylenol or something, so. I being here by myself, I got up to. And I got the Tylenol out and I got me a glass and I opened the fridge and got the milk out because I always take it with food and I got it down. And then all of a sudden.

I thought I needed I just become so ill, just sick, and I thought I need a chair, and that was the last time. New. I woke up on the floor. With my fridge door going ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. That takes, I don’t know, a little time for it to let me know. It’s still open. And I still do not do not remember how I got up off the floor.

I wondered how I was going to. And I don’t remember how I did, but. Somehow I did, but I never had a bump on my head. And I know that when you fall that far, you’d have something soar somewhere and again. Going through the temple, I prayed about that. What was made known to me? That I had help as I fell. I just feel like. These angels can. Can keep you from harm, they can keep you from being injured.

You know, when you say a little prayer, somehow you’re you follow something without even knowing why you’re following it. And then you find familiar places.

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