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PREVIEW: Conference Doc ‘Sacred Images’ – powered by Happy Scribe

Well, during the Pandemic Latter-day Saint Church leaders asked the four years of every Church meeting house throughout the world to have art of Jesus Christ art and religion specialist Carol Makita gives us.

I’ll look at her upcoming general Conference special title, Sacred Images in May of 2020.

The first presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints asked facilities managers to place artwork of Jesus Christ in the main entrances of the Fates buildings throughout the world.

They want Latterday Saints and visitors to see that sacred image members of the Church when they come in to recognize they’re coming into his Church and his building to worship him.

The church’s printing division is where the artwork for meeting houses and temples is created. Images are printed, mounted, framed, and shipped, all done with the greatest care.

Our associates, the great care and pride in that they’re putting something together that’s going to touch somebody’s life.

As the Church expands its art collection, there is a growing number of Latterday Saint artists who are creating works that reflect the various cultures and races of the faith. Twani POV Winder has helped create a sisterhood of these young Latter Day Saint artists who are bringing diversity to these images.

Already there’s more of us and there’s always more that are kind of joining this call to create spiritual Ard.

Over the decades, Church leaders have commissioned works that reflect the Ministry of the Savior, latterday Saints and visitors from around the world can see these pieces in both the conference center and the Church Museum of History and Art. We toured both with director Laura Polson. How he Comes Again to Rule and Reign by Mary Sour is a newly commissioned work.

Art is a visual language, so the better we can get at conversing in multiple visual languages. The better we can be at helping people know and understand and recognize themselves as part of the family of Jesus Christ.

Camille Johnson, the new primary general President, showed us the art she chose for her office. This is Michael Moms, and a little child shall lead them.

I love that this daughter child is pointing her family towards the Savior. And in fact, as you look to the right, it looks like perhaps a friend coming taking direction from this young girl.

Religious art. Images of Deity or Seems from the Scriptures inspires people of all States. It is often an emotional connection to their worship. Join us as we explore the importance of sacred images. Carol Makita SL Five News thanks, Carol.

Well, Sacred Images will air Sunday, October 3 at twelve noon following the morning sessions of General Conference, and it’s just one of several documentaries you can watch before, in between and after conference. Plenty to choose from there next weekend.

Watch the full piece on KSL here!

Sacred Images

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