VIDEO: Once I was a Beehive is getting a sequel; Once I was Engaged Shot of the Yeagers Utah Mormon LDS

VIDEO: Once I was a Beehive is getting a sequel — Once I was Engaged

And SHOT OF THE YEAGERS are in it! Watch the video now!

We are in a MOVIE! DREAMS Come True – powered by Happy Scribe

I have been preparing all morning for a surprise that Stephen, I found out several days ago that we have been keeping from our kids least some of these kids as dreams are going to come true today.

I said, is that right? Like. All right, guys, I have been preparing all morning for a surprise that Stephen, I found out several days ago that we have been keeping from our kids. So in just a few minutes, the kids are going to be done with school and they are going to have the surprise of their life.

Seriously, some of these kids whose dreams are going to come true today?

I am. You guys today is such an exciting day because some of our dreams are going to come true today. We are going to be free. What might we ask? All right, now that I got rid of dad today, we’re all going to be in a movie, what we are going to talk about, we are going to be in a movie.

What what we are going to be extras in a movie. Are you serious? I know we are. No, I think it’s going to be. I don’t want to be the star again.

Do you guys want to find out what movie it is? Yeah, I did.

The movie is called Once I Was Engaged, and that is the sequel to what I want to be.


Yes, I was right. That was like. So excited I told you that some dreams were coming true today. All right, everybody focus. OK, we’ll. You have like 40 minutes to get our hair done, get ready. Grab a bunch of outfits and head to the movie set and then you guys are going to get a sneak peek at behind the scenes. All right. We have options.

All right, guys. So we were informed that we needed to bring at least three options of outfits to wear just in case the theme is winter. So they’re going to get some dresses.

It’s going to be like a reception, a wedding reception. So we’re getting on some clothes that you would wear to a wedding reception that are super colorful and are more wintery. So, Jordan, you have a lot. I think you should try that one on. It’s adorable, and I have options, too. I don’t have any options.

Oh, yeah, we need to go to the store right now than the suitcase. All right. So my chore is to get all of these girls, Liz and Stephen’s hair, looking good for this shoot. Steven, we’re going to have some problems. Yeah, I know we’re not problems. It’s beautiful. Long look at it. That looks beautiful. All right, and the last girl got her hair done, looks beautiful. Now let’s go.

All right, guys, we have been driving off for a little bit. Are you guys getting excited in the back? Stephen, are you excited? All right, so we have our clothes, our change of clothes that we have everybody that’s going to be in.

Smoothy, we left Parker and Blake out of sight, but we figured that maybe. For my own sanity, it would be the best for people that have to work with them to leave them at home. Sorry, Laurie Ferguson, Ferguson, maybe next time it had to be done if there is a next time ever. So, yeah, they’re back home with grandma and you’re getting really, really close to the building, are you guys nervous? Excited?

All right, we here yet? Okay, everybody, get your masks on. Hey, we just pulled in two crew parking, I guess that’s us.

We see trailers everywhere. And guys, there is a big building over there like reception.

All right, you guys ready? But, you know, where are we? All right, guys, we are currently. In a little waiting room area, it a beautiful and we are just waiting our turn. On that, we may be here for a couple hours. Are you OK with that? She’s OK with that. They gave us snacks and we have drinks and we’re going to be in the movie. So these girls are super excited. We’re playing some among us while we wait.

Steven just got called back. Did he what did he do? They just came and they grabbed Steven. So we don’t know where Steven is, what he’s filming. We’ll have to, I guess, ask him when he comes back and see him when we watch the movie. Oh, yes, he’s back. He was gone. How long were you going? As you pointed out, he was gone for like an entire hour. What did you do?

I stood in the background. He’s going to be famous. I want to see him in the background. Do you want to go stand in the background? Yes. We are getting ready to go. We’re all going to have our debut. Steven’s already been in it, but this one is super excited.

So we’re going to go out and we are officially getting ready to go to. Our debut. All right, so we just switched spots. The girls are going to stick with the actual actors for. They are super excited they’re picking their acting names right now. I have to start with you and they’re the Andersons this year. They’re going to be so proud and their mom and dad are just watching for. All right, guys, we just finished our very first tell me, how are the girls, how was it?

How are they all right? It was awesome, super exciting. Now we’re going to do it again on the other side of the room. So maybe you guys will get a little sneak peek at what we just filmed kind of from the other side of the room. We are back at it again, guys. Look what’s behind some heavy duty machinery. And all right, you finish that scene, but now we need to wait until they call us out again.

How does it go? Where did the girls go? Guys, they just came in, grabbed all three girls and took them. I feel like we’re going to be released. I hope that they are behaving themselves. I doubt it for sure enough they’re gone. I don’t know what’s happening. You’re back. The I was really close to our faces and they also took a picture with us and a direct picture with this really. Guys, I think this is probably the best day of their lives.

All right, guys, so we are officially done, we’re done, our job is to wrap up girls in the gym. Should we leave? I was done and I am very I am deeply within hours that we’ve been here seven, nine, seven hours, guys. Six hours, this is hard work. I have a newfound respect for anyone in the film industry, like it’s not as hard as you do. It’s not a policy. It’s not at all.

But the girls are there for me.

But for us, it’s around dinnertime. All right. We have the girls now. They are finally done with their third. Are you so excited? All right. They have won what they need to save the. All right, guys, we are almost home. We have a car full of sleeping actresses, a long drive home. They have took themselves out of that, you know. Acting of sitting there and staring at fake talking heads about obviously not Stephen.

Oh, my gosh. Oh, you back there. There you are. So what was your favorite part of doing the five seconds? I was commercial. Jordan, what was your favorite part of the. All right, guys, thank you for watching today’s video. It was a lot of fun, the girls were so excited. Dreams really do come true. We really did see their dreams come true tonight. And it was really, really cool.

We will keep you guys updated when the movie, Once I was engaged, comes out and you guys can check it out and see us in it makes you subscribe to her channel and click that bell so that you can get notifications for me. Post awesome videos like this. Give us a big thumbs up and download the Zodiac mine and we’ll see you guys next time by.

A new coming-of-age comedy from the creators of ONCE I WAS A BEEHIVE!

A stereotypical uber-planner, Carrie Carrington (Lisa Valentine Clark) has her daughter’s entire life planned out:

Step 1—get accepted to Brigham Young University (CHECK);

Step 2—serve a mi…[Wait. Bree got accepted to BYU Hawaii? OK. Breathe. It’s just a little wrinkle, even if BYU-H is an ocean away from home]; back to Step 2—serve a mission for her Church [partial CHECK, mission papers are submitted];

Step 3—graduate in marine biology;

Step 4—PhD and post-doc research at Stanford;

Step 5—eventually get married and start a family.

The Plan was working for Bree, too, that is until Thys Chesterfield (aka Mr. Perfect) came on the scene and well…you know what they say about the best laid plans. All too soon, Bree has a ring on her finger and Carrie Carrington, is forced to abandon Plan A in order to plan the wedding of the century. She built an ark for girl’s camp—wait to see what she does when her daughter’s future is on the line!

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