Students surprise classmate with random act of kindness Students at LaVergne High School noticed their peer wasn't his usual, cheerful self — so they took action. Mormon LDS Tennessee SHoes Nike

VIDEO: ‘No bullying here’: Students surprise classmate with random act of kindness

Students at a high school noticed their peer wasn’t his usual, cheerful self — so they took action to be intentionally kind. The result will have you in tears!

Seeing the best in people almost always helps us want to become better ourselves! Bullying is never acceptable, and we must all do better, be more kind and loving, and #LightTheWorld with service!

A group of high school students wanted to show that there is still good out in the world, and they got it done!

Fifteen-year-old Azrael Robinson is a student at LaVergne High School in La Vergne, Tennessee.

He was the victim of bullying at a former school, which caused him to become more introverted and reserved. His fellow LaVergne classmates noticed and unselfishly chose to do an intentional act of kindness to show him how much he meant to them, according to Today.

A heartwarming video from his ninth-grade biology class shows the students presenting Robinson with clothes and a brand new pair of Nike shoes they came together to purchase for him. When they first hand him the wrapped box, he’s visibly confused and doesn’t understand what is happening.

When they share their reasoning for giving him the gift, he’s brought to tears by their kindness and consideration.

Here are a few of the comments from this post:

Shedding a few happy tears over such a heartwarming and hopeful video. just when i think i’ve lost a good amount of faith in humanity, a post such as this helps to ground and remind me that there are still selfless, good people that walk among us. we all need to see, witness and perform more acts of kindness.



If there was a category for best post of the day – this would be it. Kindness is far more influential than contacts.

Indeed each who had  a part in this…and that is everyone -will never forget this. This particular student shows love and concern for many. His past is not his future…His future is bright!

We need videos like this every single day. I’ve seen horrible videos of students bullying each other and their teachers—they are so sad and hard to watch. Hopefully soon those are all replaced in the scene of popularity with videos like this one.

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