VIDEO: Highly anticipated film tells the untold story of Three Witnesses to the Book of Mormon

VIDEO: Highly anticipated film tells the untold story of Three Witnesses to the Book of Mormon

IN HONOR OF DAVID WHITMER’S BIRTHDAY, FIRST LOOK AT NEW FEATURE FILM WITNESSES RELEASED TODAY -Highly anticipated film tells the untold story of Three Witnesses to the Book of Mormon-

David Whitmer, one of the famed Three Witnesses to the Book of Mormon, was born on January 7, 1805. In honor of his birthday, the filmmakers behind the highly anticipated feature film WITNESSES announced today the release of the film’s first trailer and key art. The trailer and key art can be seen at

“WITNESSES is the most significant and ambitious film dealing with the early history of the Church and the translation of the Book of Mormon to ever be released on the big screen,” stated Brandon Purdie, president and founder of Purdie Distribution. Purdie Distribution is managing the nationwide theatrical release of the ground-breaking film.

“While many people know some of the Three Witnesses’ story, we created the film with the goal of reaching a broader and younger audience to share this incredible story of faith,” stated Russell Richins, the film’s producer.

For nearly 200 years, skeptics and critics have attempted to explain away what Whitmer, Oliver Cowdery and Martin Harris claimed – that they had seen angels and hefted golden metal plates containing ancient inscriptions. To their dying days, these witnesses defended their testimonies even when faced with threatening mobs, ridicule, and betrayal by friends and family. And now, their incredible untold true story comes to the big screen for the very first time.

Filmed on location in the US and Canada and featuring a world-class cast of American and Canadian actors, WITNESSES is the epic true story of how Harris, Cowdery and Whitmer became witnesses to the gold plates from which Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon. Their statement of what occurred, and its veracity, has been published with every copy of the Book of Mormon since 1830. Many people know the story contained in their statement, but not many know the full story on how they became witnesses or why they chose to leave the church they were intimately involved in creating.

“Each of these men asked God for the opportunity to be a witness to the Book of Mormon and the prophet Joseph Smith’s work, and each one, while they left the religion, they never denied their faith or their statement,” said Mark Goodman, director of WITNESSES.


The film’s production team – Director and Editor Mark Goodman, Producer Russell Richins, and Executive Producers Daniel and Deborah Peterson of the The Interpreter Foundation – partnered to bring this incredible story of early LDS and American history to the big screen. The Witnesses Project includes the feature film, a documentary film featuring scholars, skeptics and experts on all the witnesses to the Book of Mormon, and a series of “snippets” or short films about the many witnesses.

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Purdie Distribution is a full-service theatrical distribution company known for releasing independent films nationwide.  Established in 2011, Purdie Distribution led the theatrical campaigns for SAINTS AND SOLDIERS: AIRBORNE CREED and THE VOID, THE SARATOV APPROACH, FREETOWN, MEET THE MORMONS, ONCE I WAS A BEEHIVE, THE STRAY, OUT OF LIBERTY, HEART OF AFRICA, along with T.C. Christensen’s THE FIGHTING PREACHER and LOVE, KENNEDY. Purdie Distribution is generally focused on films that inspire audiences and elevate the human experience. Before launching on his own, founder and owner Brandon Purdie helped establish the faith-based theatrical film movement with his work on the release of SAINTS AND SOLDIERS, THE WORK AND THE GLORY trilogy, and FOREVER STRONG.



RedBrick Filmworks is made up of producers Russ Richins, Mark Goodman and James Jordan. Along with an extensive team of seasoned professional filmmakers, they have decades of experience in producing feature films (SOMEONE WAS WATCHING, WHISPER ISLAND), as well as helping create docudramas for PBS Television, BYUtv and other broadcast outlets. They have filmed around the world, focusing on telling important stories of significant historical figures (AMERICAN PROPHET, FIRES OF FAITH, HANDEL’S MESSIAH). RedBrick Filmworks believes in the power of wholesome movies to uplift audiences.

The Interpreter Foundation ( is an independent, non-profit organization that advocates the claims and defends the doctrines of the Restoration and supports the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints through solid, peer-reviewed scholarship. Founded in 2012 and led and almost entirely staffed by volunteers, it publishes at least one online article each week in Interpreter: A Journal of Latter-day Saint Faith and Scholarship, along with weekly radio broadcasts and scripture roundtable discussions, blog entries, conferences, books, and now, films.





oh my goodness. What happens next

austin can’t wait to find out oh same good evening. Everyone. Thank you so much for joining us sydney for a special broadcast. As we talk to some of the creators of the upcoming film witnesses be released this summer summer of twenty twenty one. That’s right! Everyone! Thank you. So much for being you

blood, free to leave a comment, and let us know where you’re joining us from where you’re watching is from and ah gosh we’re so excited. We are joined by a got a whole team of people who came together to make this film tonight and we’re going to start with the person you see on the screen with me. His is

mark goodman he’s the director of this gum. Welcome. Mark

q like grateful to be here,

so you all may know barack or his name from such works as olympic glory or a, and I mean I guess I’ll, just start why this film and why now

well, the film is being done for the interpreter foundation. Ember, they simply wanted the story of the witness was told. I think those of us who are latter day saints with node of the witnesses all of our lives, sir martin martin harris over cowdery david whitmer, but we know very little about

their story about we. We know that they saw the plates, they know that they were that they were witnesses, but we don’t know why they left the church, and this film tells the story and what I love about it is it it really. It goes into the relationship they have with joseph they have with each other and in one of the

fun things

about it is that,

as we did, the first cut and we put it out- we we had some people watch it and they saved and we represent. This is a true story

and they kept saying: why are you making stuff up and we had to tell him? We are not. This actually happened. There is so much drama in this story, but we didn’t have to make things up and so that I lucked out about it so much personal drama.

So that’s what I you know you make a good point, but this is this. This is a true story. What were your references and sources for getting this information? These more personal stories because, like you said we do know a them. We know of you know their relevance in a lot of different contexts, not only through church history in a skip

cheers, but also we learned more. I think the saints and other volumes up. Where did you go for these more personal stories? Well, you you mentioned saints in the in the church, has done a great job at without book. In the book volumes and I loved out there telling the story and they’re not overly go back and put up great and we have great access. The elevator bell

would have written about the about the little bourbon about the early church history, richard bushman, susan eastern black lump. Some of these better, I used is as my bible as I went through, and I was very careful about making sure that we had

the everything we stole. Everything we told could be backed up to be backed up until that was important to us. That’s wonderful and, of course, people can find out more. I can see across the bottom of the screen. Witnesses film, dot com is the landing page that you can go and watch the trailer again and share a horse.

Where was this filmed and how long did it take? You know from the very beginning we determined that we didn’t want to try in and just film this in utah

utah, so dry and it’s pretty tough. You know you actually look at some of these pitchers yeah, that’s the real deal, and so we had an opportunity to film near boston in a place called sturbridge village. We went to a couple of living history, museums where they, it is just like walking into the eighteen hundreds we filmed near ottawa, canada and have great

a great opportunity to be up there loved these places. It gave us the opportunity to recreate the story on a budget, though the we had. We didn’t have to go back and just um

gonna build huge sets in those kinds of things up. Everything was there ready for us.

I have to say one am I,

as you saw the very beginning, you saw the loop, our poster. You saw the witnesses there. My goodness look at that. Have you seen four guys that look that good ever ever assembled together? It’s it’s. We were so fortunate in getting these actors in it.

What they were able to do so talented. It was interesting this week I cast a joseph first and then we got to some of the others conan joseph again,

I think michael next I got to caleb

and I said: look at these guys are stuck my wife is it they are so good. Looking nobody’s gonna think it’s real and she said you think that’s a problem or at the say, well, okay, I guess it’s not and there’s one right there, michael. How are you

august get there are like? How are you now,

ah now in multnomah awesome, michael zu cola, guess is that correct that that’s the one yes excellent and you were cast as david whitmer correct

was I was making marked by the way. Thank you very much. I guess so!

Oh god,

please! Oh boy

as were casting this up. The one of the very first people I saw was michael’s nikola animals right out of the box right. Well, this guy’s good yeah. But then you go on with the casting and a chip in more and more people, and I am myself as we did callbacks up directing em, be like michael honesty,

that’s what I was gonna end. It finally has it. What am I doing? Why just catholic, I that we want from the very beginning, michael, was the first one out a box and just terrific

wow. How does it feel hearing that michael?

You know I mean this. This whole experience really for me at an early age really has been a profound.

This experience, really

it’s it’s. It’s such an important thing for me. It’s so special,

very, very near and dear me, and I’m, and I often joke we were joking on set a few times are like you know, you were like my fourth choice.

Get up. I well glad you would oblige well with both choice but um. You know it’s it’s on it’s if it’s an extreme undertaking for me and I- and I truly hope that I ice the service this, as as best as I can, and I hope that I hope

I did it justice, because I can’t it’s very important to me this. This entire experience is, is just my very special really

I’m on the east coast. There, that’s yapping I’d, watch aware get. Where are you watching from the isa I mean not bossy amassed an one actual end, so, ah, what was it well,

what did what was it about the character that you found most interesting or most challenging, or what your method like what you know like how? What what did you know about david whitmer before having this part? And ah you know where, where to go from there? Well, I can tell you honestly, I

I didn’t know anything

prior to this experience on oddity in a git git git git, getting the chance of the of the role and being cast in it. Obviously I did some some research prior to auditioning and things like that. Ah, but when you are finally given the opportunity you I mean I did as much research as I possibly could to find out

who he was with the man was in the one thing that I really took from him.

The man moved around quite a bit. Ah, he was he moved from here to there to there it in everything,

strengthened his his inherent belief that he already had that he still possessed until his dying day. Ah with with which I find I find very special, I really do there was nothing that could take him away from what he thought, what he believed, what he,

what he wanted to believe what he does believe and I- and I I I really try to to repeat-

have that with me on this- the sort of discovery of things. Oh, there were so many times, even on even on set,

who learning so much and just going. Oh, I I didn’t know that. But oh that’s like this happened. That’s when this happened, and you know I I g I hoped I would think that david

existing in that world was at that time going. Oh, this is why this is and what this is in. You know so that that that was that’s. What I held onto the most was was his sort of um. It is. Is it his grasp to his own beliefs? Do it what

we used latter day, saint actors? Will we had the opportunity to film in canada and in boston, and so we cast out of boston? We have michael’s or colo, who knows very little about the church of jesus christ of latter day saints, and so he was learning as he went along and it for me, that was a special ops

utility to work. Caleb caleb be back as well

same thing, he’s out of los angeles and is not a member of the of the church, but to finer man. You can’t find I’m so grateful to know them in

softy I get emotional they’re like sons to me. I I thought you know I love yeah. I know

had great great, just great own opportunity for all of us,

that’s fantastic and so am cause. I I really like what you said, michael about that about you, know the you you learned before and then just kind of ass. You went right because that’s

it’s one thing to say that that we know a character. You know looking back on their on their life story, but it’s quite another to kind of go through the process and really imagine it and try to be there with all the circumstances and and ah and so mark you, you mentioned caleb, also to caleb

speed back, who played the part, the role of oliver cowdery, correct and so we’re gonna put a premium on to. If we can

another guy with with great air, like I got a small area around it, something else air and this scatter well done. Congratulations on your hair caleb! It’s really yeah yeah! Well done

without yeah. I would say my hair typically needs it’s own screen, but I was told that we only have four screens over for the sake of out I’ve. I’ve changed a little bit, but I bet you so much for for half a man and mark very, very kind words from you. I admire you and- and I look up to you and really appreciate the opportunity to work with you and hopefully there

how many more opportunities in the future.

So canada is the same kind of question that I asked michael at an especially knowing now that background that mark shared bed. You know what you and michael haven’t commented that this

that these these stories it so many of us in this audience today are familiar with. It was brand new for you, so how? How did that affect? How you approached not only your audition, but also on also how you perform your role throughout.

Did you want the the truth or the romantic version? You choose so um. You know that that the truth is we did a ton of auditions and you have a very quick turn around and you’ve got a ton of dialogue and you, you have to quickly produce certain spit in and it’s on

the next thing and you get so good and quick jab at earning dialogue becoming a character and turning it in

at first. I didn’t really know much about the project. I don’t know much about out

there until odd they’re, a marketing more interested in in locally,

because it there’s so much more weeks to being in a film witnesses because it affects so many people in their personal beliefs and so as an actor. Our job is at dinner dates entertained by here.

The is the the ability to be involved in it, something that has a a a a greater mission. If you will so it, it certainly provides a greater satisfaction as an artist to be able to participate in something bad, so many people around the country in a way around the world whole,

oh dear, to them,


aside from mad, as far as preparing for the for the character, this is a real person, and so so you have to approach. But certainly with that in mind, we, you know we didn’t, have video images until nineteen fifty one, which was a whole century after oliver

passed away, and- and so we don’t have video images, look at himself as an actor. I get to determine what he was like. What were his mannerisms like? How did he carry himself, and you can gather a lot of those details from what’s written about oliver, but also the way that he was photographed? The fact that he was a teacher, he was very buttoned

up. He was always well put together and south you can you can piece together at how you want to it to bring that character to life and then obviously having and and paul who played joe smith on on onset, and they just have an incredible understanding of the history of these endive

visuals and of the church of the scripture, and so if there was ever any doubt about how oliver, whatever approach something it it was easily addressed with with the rest of the team. So it was a outside of filming the actual content. There were lots of walks on beautiful trails

or canada having deep conversations in an anaconda, and it was really enlightening

and really a a once in a life opportunity that I’m I’ll be forever grateful to be a partner. That’s fantastic, a I thank you for sharing all that. I witnesses film dot. Com is what we are talking about today and at three can again watch and share the trailer, of course, what mention file for everyone watching with to

here, where you’re watching from we had lots of comments, people up and down salt lake valley in salt lake in american fork and I’ll grant, also in maine and eugene oregon and los angeles, speaking of which maybe we should also turn to our good friend, lincoln hama, who plays martin harris?

Please bring lincoln into the into the mix here,

then you say: hmmm,

almost yes, excellent, hello, lincoln we’re just gonna need you so quickly! And yes, here we are low level to be here, so you are a face that is maybe recognisable to you and say you’re not

face. You have a face which is probably recognize wealthy. Who are many in this audience? Where might we know you from? Ah I’ve been in a lot of really fun movies since soldiers airborne creed? People may recognize me from most often when I travel outside of the

country. I get recognized for the signals word which I played deferral in singles ward. Many many years ago, so fun to do

protect lot of people still recognize me for that. I think I look a lot different, so I’ve always surprise us about spats, always pretty fun for me. So how was how was playing at portraying martin harris

in general? If you wanna, compare it to singles ward feel free, but pineapple is in all same questions as as we ask the others, look like the other guy said it it’s a historical character and so soothing there’s a lot of different things that go into planning

an actual character from history, and I just I found it absolutely delightful to to learn more about martin harris

and to learn kind of, at least in my estimation, from from my research, what made him tick and what what kinds of things he was about. I you know I got to read this work is a good book by susan eastern black sea border.

I called marty years uncompromising. Witness of the book of mormon actually got to talk, is disney’s black go out and- and she helped me was it was it was unreal. You know she’s like one of the leading historians,

and it was just it was absolutely amazing. So too, I felt like I learned a lot of things coming in just an academically stepping into the scenes and stepping into the lines with these other actors,

such as hail, the michael wallace paul

by joseph smith. It took on a whole new light, and it gave me a whole population

are the things that get martin

harris went like libya.

He had seen some pretty difficult times. He was. He was always implicitly earlier part of his life on the wealthy side. Plots.

You know me, he had a lot of doubts. You know about himself

at about

about who he was, and he just added really childlike curiosity

to a desire to know things that were heavenly are internal to know things about other people’s well, and that, for me, was more the places where I felt like

he- and I are really really are we crossed over on. I love to learn. Things are lucky, discover things and he was he was alive and in

many people the rocks the abuse, ridable experiences at the beginning of the restoration of church of jesus christ of latter day saints-

and I imagine he was just sloppy- know, stingy and it must have been raising, but I also I found very interesting deck and martin years really wanted proof.

You know before he was before you became one of the witnesses. He really wanted proof that the book of mormon was real. Was after asking goes it. When can I see it at it and it just struck me,

but happily the filming that he was experiencing all these incredible spiritual experiences, but at the same time

he just wanted proof as if he were,

you know, are unknowingly not being appreciative of the good part. What was happening, and I just want cut the world with roof

and if percent off all switched after you had. I thought I found that ass in that, even though he was witness to some amazing things. Still just wanted grew out of the tap. More is real. He want to believe in god thought he was special,

not just prayer an and to his own instincts and it’s duration, but he wanted a little group chat which, which added to me felt like that was one of his his character flaws at least implied in it are really fond be able to play on and play with. Had I had a great time

I I doing. I was the absolute mama working mark

and with hail and michael imposed about had a great all the rest of the crew and gas was just amazing,

really amazing space. I think it can be a fantastic. I can’t wait to see in theory at all that someone of danger or shanghai that I think it’s acid cousin if off mentioned. Ah it ah mentioned when I’m in a plane, people who actually existed not characters it or dreamed up, and especially, if

had someone new who could have grown up learning about, but not really knowing, and especially, as you mentioned academically, I mean who better to learn from them, doctor flack, right and sell rice. He said that that you um,

I think today it really benefits all of us, because, especially when they’re part in story in any story pretend to be abridged, we lose a lot about humanity and it’s so easy just in humanity and and story anyway to characterize people as black or white is good or bad. Was it out there?

There are very few a lotta room for for those complexities that you mention that you get to it. You get to know intimately when you, when you study it, and I feel like this film is really gonna- bring to light a lot of those complexities of those personalities and

the relationships as mark mentioned. Ah that will be beneficial for people, especially this year, as we are studying officially church history in our sunday school classes on so the timing on tap on you all have mentioned, and I just want to mention here paul who plays just smith. He is not with us tonight,

but I mean from what everyone has said. I mean great. I, like, I can’t wait to see it as we’ve been mentioning that the film it’s witnesses, film, dot com, and that is the website you go to to not only watch the trailer that we share the beginning of this broadcast, but also something really important, which is to request, show

doings of the film in your city. As we been looking through. All these comments, people watching from georgia,

four again from major east coast in summer in brisbane, I believe, that’s really all witnesses filmed dot com. You can see right the bottom of the screen, that’s where you go to request a viewing in your city that are four theaters to bring it and mark. Why? Why is this important

film to be seen outside of, say the wasatch front, the salt lake valley?

You know

joseph smith,

emily articles of faith talked about

a right that we have to believe. We claim the privilege of watch in almighty god and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how where and what they may. That, I think, is important that we are able to worship god in our own way, and you know what everybody else has that

say roughly have that same opportunity and we need to respect them. For that, and I think in today’s world we need to respect other people’s beliefs, or we should be talking about our commonalities rather than our differences, and that was one of my favorite. Things got two again to to to work

with guys. I have a lot in common with and the guys that I don’t have so much in common and and grew to love them


despite their differences, michael and I caleb, and I’m not sure that we would have run into each other without this opportunity- and just god just love those boys. So may I may I say something what mark

there? There really is something special about about remark just said. Ah,

there was some really happened on set number, but between us and and had everyone really, I mean

he’s he’s right. Maybe we would never have run into each other,

but I think a very important. What are you saying you? You can believe what you want to believe and and believe it, and everyone has that right, and I, I think gum I think that’s a message of this film is. Is there is power in in relief?

I I I I I felt that that’s what what people will get from this, whether you’re a mormon, a weather? What whatever are just just there’s something positive from this that I think we all need as a commonality, we need to focus on orange


as an adult happening.

Excellent. Thank you. I’d love to hear to what lincoln and caleb have to say along the same lines about about just that.

The importance of the message of why why this film, ah how it can benefit audiences across the board.

You know one of the one of the things it really and I’m not joking bit that changed me

by working on this film. Was this experience to see how people like martin harris

weren’t, just people who lived long time ago.

It worked just these figures. We were literal human beings who made mistakes, who, at great triumphs

the way that mark harris became

a human michael with a real person, like literally, is with my job to step into someone’s views and and experience with their experience in half through the process of working on this blew up really. I really came out here loving this.

You know before from from church history. Most people just remember these. You know the one hundred sixty pages that were lost

and yeah. There was a significant event but

to to know all these other amazing things that you did, which were actually much more significant, for example, funding the book of mormon printing of the first edition of the book of mormon up with new mortgaging his farm, and we see that in history class

you will you think this guy had this thing.

Do I really want it

put all of my life, all my lands up in the air, for something that I don’t know. I don’t know, what’s gonna happen in this, he did.

I just think we will look back on historical narrative of all this hindsight. It seems very obvious what I should have done and where they made mistakes, but when you, when you step in the fuses, an actor on and live livers them for a little while

they really just become real people who love that it. It literally changed me in the way that I see martin harris and pretty much any historical member of the church impacts.

Wonderful experience, wonderful came up. What are your thoughts?

I think I mentioned earlier as an actor

I’m here to entertain, but also, if you watch witnesses, for example, you feel that you’ve left changed. Then then I’d also do my job, and I know that for me talking about it, a spiritual spirituality in general, I feel like I’m, I’m still on a personal

search and so of being a part of this project has been part about personal search, and I I find myself to be a person of faith, but I haven’t arrived at what that means yet, and so this process has changed me in a way that that are. I would hope that that that the film would could change the audio.

It’s wonderful. I think a lot of people can relate to that. Even people who would claim themselves as people of faith are still trying to figure it out for sharks,

part of it or exactly what it is real, quick, rapid fire at lincoln, michael caleb. Would you be friends with the characters he played the menu place?

Yeah? Ah

absolutely, and I think that’s a oliver. I would have a contest about who’s. A scarf was little tighter and and more properly put in more buttoned up called attachment

yeah. I would, I would jump friends with him

a lot more than he was back riding

item stuff

I with them.

I think mark harris would have been little intimidating to be at fort. Sill is long we could get asked. You know that he was a landowner, cabs kind of an upscale pillar of the community


Awesome. I wonder if david would want to be friends with me three hours.

I bet he would yeah. I would make him laugh all day long,

but I also

one in ah if there are any last thoughts, if you’d like to to share. We gotta hear this. I know that we’ve gotta, you gotta, wrap this up. I I would like to also give em a. I have one last question for mark to, ah, but ah just op’s gonna, throw it out there, which is

mark. I’m wondering what is your hope if you have to just give an elevator pitch, just a one liner for this stuff like why? Why should someone request that this film be shown in their city? Why should someone spend their dollars to add it to watch this film

I’ll, tell you what I love about historical films is that they move you, because it really happened and you’re going to come to this film you’re gonna be entertained and you’re going to find out it. It really happened and you’re gonna go to the internet afterwards, and you’re gonna get online and into gotta, say: okay, want to know what really happened and you’re going to find that it really happened,

and let me quote michael cole from an earlier interview. He said the lease is powerful

and- and I just wanna say when I was reading through the script initially, I thought, because I had expectations going into it, that it was gonna, be a religious film and curses at this is a dramatic of a dramatic, theatrical film that is based on these true events, and I think it’s it’s compelling

whether you want to watch it for pure entertainment or, if you wanna, watch it, because it is something you personally believe in or if it’s, because you wanna learn about the history. My market team have done just such an incredible job with the script the cinematography, the acting it is on par for me, but from what I hear and editing the film yet

so it’ll be a nice surprise to hunt big screen but yeah. I think, at the end of the day, it’s it’s going to it’s going to satisfy the editor it a bug, if nothing else awesome.

Ah, let’s bring michael back on quickly to to see if he has any less thing he liked saying like all day. I don’t think one can an imagine you know I got something to say: yes,

not is done a on market by giving money.

I really believe a profound


oh grateful. Ah, but going on with with with are compared. This is a big helping of thing I ever said. Sometimes at

dialogue were think that men, then, if a real things that they said and documented, this happened, which I, which I find very

provocative, adjust at, because you you really you you do look at it from an outsider’s perspective. You go okay. That really happened. Yes, this really happened, and I think there’s something extremely special about that and I think the one thing again with this film and mark you know the rest of it’s powerful to believe just believe. I believe in something

thing and- and I think I think that, but I think that’s what this is

will will accomplish. I truly believe I really believe a dupe dupe.

I love that. That’s beautiful, thank you at lincoln. I say too. I think it’s really interesting. Most of the people watching may know the story and how it turns out in the end, but I’ll check it. You know from history, but but even even me, who had studied a lot of this history,

the surprise surprises and the things that really happened. There were so many that I had no idea about it to be a lot of the plot of the incident suspense of spooked powers of disguise it up, but we don’t know how they get. Tell me: how would they get from this amazing place

owing so many things? Are they adopted at at daddy’s? It’s it’s, it’s an amazing are fascinating.

I could not add it is it’s output.

So, even though how it adds up, it still adds we were a table or c, because I think it probably a little ride- got bored

there every ten minutes about sports.

It’s absolutely report pop


Wonderful, thank you for that guy and I again I couldn’t agree more. The more we know about at the morgue

I’ll add two spaces that we didn’t know there. I felt then the more compelling the story and- and this this film does sounds quite compelling. Ah, I were really looking forward to to seeing it on again. But, yes, I said: there’s some great drone shots in the military. You got you got

recalling another. They had jump jets in and out not regret, drowsy lincoln arc arc camera on in eagle, flew it rained, eagle and fluid yes, yes of thing I was out of gas, it was adept at one me would to do again.

Oh well, that’s fantastic!

Now, a goof for wonderful! Well! Thank you again, all so much

thanks for your time tonight. Ah we you know, I think, we’re gonna we’re gonna go ahead and add before we, because I I just wanna say we’re gonna, we’re gonna end by showing the trailer more time yeah. Ah, ah, I wanna thank everyone that I would think, caleb and michael and lincoln and mark for your time, shadow,

two, purdie distribution who is responsible for this. We couldn’t, I mean, can find a better team. The work they do is fantastic and once again remember to go to witnesses, film, dot, com to watch and share the trailer go ahead and others our facebook page and get out like any kind of requested

in your city. Tell you how everybody go to the website and click on there and tell him tell us what city want to see it. It? Yes, exactly! That’s that’s canada that the big thing here right answer. We know you want to see it. Ah, we need to know where to bring it. So you know please pop on the website, and let us know where you are so that we can now touch party distribution to make it happen. So thanks everyone- and I hope you all- are staying healthy and safe and I’ll yell. It’s gotten close out by watching the trailer one more time.

The noise woke him

saying I’m right here:



body, which warning

david weber. You know joe smith, you with him when he saw the gold plates

oliver. What would you do with fifty pounds of gold

about the colt? You need to write this exactly as I dictate. It’s been truly remarkable.

When will you believe it I need? Some proof

looks done just that was commanded to restore the true church of christ. Restore you will see the place. The lord has declared him


part of the ground

lost soul.

Why is this happening? Do not seek, or did he not speak to you? Yes, but it doesn’t speak to be down this time. Mark we will listen. You are intoxicated by the power of leading a believing people.

House divided against itself cannot stand

now now tell us the truth of your lie and all will be forgiven. I am afraid I might disappoint you to truces.

It is not.

Oh man.

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