VIDEO: ‘Encanto’ 'We Don't Talk About Bruno' actress sings at #LightTheWorld Giving Machines Salt Lake City | Light the World Giving Machines Launch in Utah

VIDEO: ‘Encanto’ ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ actress sings at #LightTheWorld Giving Machines Salt Lake City | Light the World Giving Machines Launch in Utah


Light the World Giving Machines Launch in Utah – powered by Happy Scribe

Give a little, feel a lot and be part of lighting in the world. We can do this together.

Three, two, one.

White. The world giving machines have returned to Utah for the 2022 Christmas season.

A launch was held in Orem, Utah.

One of 28 locations around the world.

In November to unveil the bright red vending machines.

A holiday is a perfect time for us to recognize the true gift of Jesus Christ to the world in our lives and the gifts that we’re given in commemoration of his birth.

The unique machine sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints, gives the public a fun and memorable opportunity to donate and serve local and international.

Charities during the holidays.

It just gives you a good feeling to be able to give to people. That’s why our savior would want us to be, is to help each other, and that’s what we want to do.

I bought a warm blanket.

Even if it is just a blanket, it’s something that someone needs. So giving the simplest thing as diapers or blanket or anything, I think is very important to someone who may need it.

The gathering was hosted by area church leaders and featured music from Latterday St reporting artists. The Truman Brothers.

Local community and government.

Leaders and representatives from the charities were.

In attendance to unwrap the machines.

It used to be that we would have our regular clientele and maybe a handful of new applicants every day. Now we’re having several dozen new applicants apply every single day.

When you’re hungry, it’s hard to think. It’s hard to be happy. It’s hard to serve. And so I hope that it sees someone who makes them feel happy and loved.

This year, more than 120 local and global nonprofits have joined with the church.

To serve millions of people in need.

There’s been more than $15 million donated. 100% of it goes to the recipient.

It’s about the light of price. It’s about giving, it’s about supporting. It’s about being a brother’s keeper. What a unique way to do that.

The machines will operate to help those.

In need through January 1, 2020.

‘Encanto’ ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ actress sings at #LightTheWorld Giving Machines Salt Lake City – powered by Happy Scribe

And globally, more than $15 million has been donated around the world. This year, there are more Giving Machines yet. Thank you. Thank you, sir. This year, there are more Giving Machines scattered throughout the country than ever before in 28 locations. And new this year, there are eight mobile Giving Machines that will make brief stops around the country.

And it all started with the Giving.

Machines right here in Salt Lake City. And we’re excited as the place where it all began to have the Giving Machines back here at City Creek for the next six weeks. And just as the number of locations increases, so does the number of those participating as charitable organizations. I’m delighted to say that there are eight charities that we have the opportunity to support this year, several of which.

Have representatives with us today.

And I’d ask them if they please come and stand in front of our machines so we can recognize them. This year Global Nonprofit participants are Church World Services. Church World Services has one goal building a world where there is enough for all. It was born in the wake of World War II, and it started with 17 Christian organizations coming together to help the world. Mentors International, represented by President Curtis Beasley behind me here. Mentors International helps families thrive in some of the world’s poorest communities by transforming generational poverty into sustainable self reliance. And UNICEF. UNICEF delivers the essentials that give every child an equitable chance in life, health care and immunization, safe water and sanitation, nutrition, education, emergency relief and more. And then we have our five local charities. American indian services represented by executive director chama key janssen. American Indian Services is dedicated to helping Native Americans have access to quality education while still preserving their culture and honoring their heritage. Women of the world represented by executive director Samira Harness. Women of the World’s mission is to empower women from all nations to achieve independence, economic success, and a voice in their community offering services to clients across Salt Lake.

The other side village represented by chairman of the board, Dolphic Green. The Other Side Village is a master planned neighborhood for affordable, permanent quality housing for people experiencing chronic homelessness. Centro de Familia represented by CEO Gonzalo Paul. Centro de Familia de Utah promotes healthy and engaged communities by advocating for children’s educational success. And show up, represented by Utah’s first lady Abby Carson. Show up encourages individuals, corporations and nonprofits and civic leaders to have a collective sense of empathy across our great state of Utah. Let’s give all of these charities a round of applause, thus proving we all need help sometimes. We are grateful for the outstanding support of local businesses and community leaders who are committed to this amazing opportunity to help those in need. And we’ve invited them to say a few words to us today. We will hear first from Governor Spencer Cox, then from Salt Lake City Mayor Aaron Mendenhall, and then from City Creek operations Director Jeff Staley, after which we.

Will be joined by Imo ona Young.

Bull with American Indian Services, who will perform a traditional hoop dance to get us all in the festive spirit. Governor, the time is now yours.

Thank you, Mary, for that introduction. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m so excited to be here with you today. And I’m joined by the great mayor of Salt Lake City. We were supposed to speak separately, but we decided what better this time of year than to have a Republican and a Democrat come up together on stage. We live in a very special place and I hope will remind all of us of that. That’s what this week is about. There is so much suffering in the world. There’s so much divisiveness in the world. But we know, we know at our core that most people are good people, that the people of Utah are incredible people, that we care about each other. We have a sense of community here. And we must fight to martin that sense of community. And we do that by giving back. We do that by serving, we do that by charitable giving. Of course, that this idea started here in Utah. And we so appreciate the partners, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints, and everyone who went in on this crazy idea like, would this even work? Not only is it work, but it’s become a worldwide phenomenon.

See, that’s what we have here. We get to export the very best of Utah in the world. The world is desperate for kindness, for empathy, forgiving that’s the stuff. With all the terrible things that are happening, we need to remember. I hope we will remember today, please, over this Thanksgiving holiday, we all talk.

About the crazy uncle who wants to come and talk about politics.

And we’re going to fight. Let’s not fight. There’s no reason to fight, right? We can disagree. We can have conversation. We can get to know people who are different than us, who have different ideas than us.

We can love one another.

That’s what these machines are about. So this holiday season and always, let’s give back and let’s become Taylor.

Let’s put our hands together for our greatest governor in the state.

I am so fortunate to be the.

Mayor of this capital city and be able to learn from and serve in this minor role alongside you, Governor. Thank you. Salt Lake City and local governments love to talk about place making, about making spaces where people feel something when they come into them. Not just a place where it’s easy to pick up a gallon of milk or a grocery or a gift for your friends, but a place where you feel connected to a space. And there is no more beautiful place in our downtown court to go shopping than right here in City Creek Mall. And it is never more vibrant than it is at this time. Of year. Since 2017, these machines have been lighting up literally but mostly figuratively in our hearts, with $6 million of donations last year alone. That becomes the wind in the sales of local nonprofits. I come from a nonprofit background, and I can tell you how much it means not only to have donations from people in the public who maybe didn’t know anything about your nonprofit the day before, but to have the awareness and the recognition that you even exist. Nonprofits are led by people who started that work out of passion, usually unpaid.

They’re doing it because they see a need in the world and they’re willing to step up to serve that need. So thank you to the tens of thousands of Utahs and visitors to our state who have happened by. The Giving machines last year brought $6 million of donations together, and this year, I believe, will do even more. I’ve had the privilege to work with the other side academy, the other side village, and we’ll be opening the tiny village homes, hopefully in the coming year 60. In this first phase, I’ve worked with women of the world who empowered forcibly displaced women who live here in our Utah communities. These are amazing nonprofits. Please get to know them. But most of all, thank you for being here. Thank you for being salt lakers and Utah. We are givers at our heart. That’s what makes our state so special and unique. And thank you for lighting it up this holiday season. We can’t wait to do more of this with these incredible volunteers who set this up and the nonprofits that they are representing this season. I want to introduce Jeff Staley, who is the operations director for City Creek Mall.

Thank you, Jeff, for hosting us. Please come on up.

Thank you. And thank you so much to all those who have made this very special event happen. Thank you, Derek Miller. Thank you, Mayor Men and hall. Thank you, governor Talks, for speaking. Welcome to City Creek Center and welcome to our holiday celebration. We are so happy to have you here on this exciting day. The giving Machines are so very special to us here at City Creek Center, and we’re so honored to have them. We’re just delighted to see all of the friends and families that are establishing a very important holiday tradition of giving to others by using the giving Machines. What a wonderful, wonderful program and amazing group of charities that we have the honor to support. We hear from our guests quite frequently that they love having their children come here so they can establish those traditions of giving within their own families. We’re very honored and very happy to have our incredible partners, america first credit union, to help make the Giving Machine the City Creek Center possible. And we want to thank them for being our premier holiday sponsors. Now we just ask each of you to visit many times throughout the holiday season.

And each time that you come visit to shop and dine, come and visit the Giving Machine. Support these charities, give generously, and from all of us here at City Creek Center, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving and a very merry Christmas. Thank you.

Bye. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

You, Governor Taylor and Jeff, for your participation, your remarks today, for your support, your influence, and all you contribute to the success of these Giving Machines here in Salt Lake City that blesses so many who are in need. And thank you emo ona for that beautiful performance. That was remarkable. Okay, let’s unwrap these machines and start giving. I want to invite again all of our representatives from our charities that are here in front of the machines. On the count of three, let’s get them open. One, two, three. Thank you once again, everyone, for being here this afternoon. We ask you to visit these machines over the next six weeks and donate. And if you’re unable to visit one of our physical machines, you can also contribute Now, it is with immense excitement that I introduce our featured performer who has so graciously traveled here to Salt Lake City to welcome and participate in the opening of the world Giving Machines, adasa. From Disney Animation to Madison Square Garden performances, adasa is a bilingual AfroLatin performer with a dynamic four octave vocal range. Adasa played, you all know this the principal role as Dolores in Disney’s Golden Globe, Billboard and Oscar winning film Encanto.

One of the songs from that movie, We Don’t Talk About Bruno, has gone viral over the entire world and has now been translated into 20 different languages. Please help me in welcoming Adasa.

Thank you so much. Well, before I take the stage, thank you for that wonderful introduction. I want to be the very first one to make this purchase as the getting machine. And honestly, I want you all to know that every single thing in there is important to somebody around the world. And no matter if it’s a small purchase or a large one, when we all get together and we all share that life and we all join in to give, it makes a difference for someone around the world. And so if each one of us gets a little even if it’s a ducky or maybe a scholarship opportunity, it will impact people in such a great way. And if we really want to share our light, please do give. So here I go. And I’m going to show you how easy this is. So I’m going to go up here and they told me it’s as easy as tap it. Push a button. Here we go.

All right.


There we go. I got my backup.

Thank you.

And there it is. Thank you. And it’s done. That’s how you david, it. You can even let your kids do it. I’m saying just, like, tell them one purchase for card. Thank you so much. And do you want to sing some music with me and invite the spirit to be with us today?

Are you guys ready?

Well, I am so glad to be with you. And I see so many kids. You guys are awesome. You have been so wonderful. I’m so grateful to have been part of an amazing film and being with Lin Manuel Miranda and the directors, byron Howard, Jared Bush on this incredible production. We were just at the AMAs just two days ago. We won for Dosa Rugitas. And I’m so excited to share this light with all of you. So let’s have some fun and let’s get going with some music.

Don’t you worry about.

Oh, my God. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

I am so grateful to be with you here. I lived in Salt Lake City for a little while. My husband worked for Warner Chapel. And honestly, I’m from Florida. Right now, I am wearing so many layers.

I’m really kidding.

But I absolutely love the weather. I love the people. And we spend some time here in Salt Lake and in Ogden. And honestly, we’ve made such great friendships and being a part of a madrigal home in a madrigal family and being united forever with wonderful people that I am like John Legozamo. It really makes you feel so happy to be in a place me being a Latina, to be able to take place in such a project that is so beautiful and has influenced so many, especially for the kids who have probably driven every single one of you here crazy with we don’t talk about reno. This one goes out to all of y’all. But I hope you’ll stay with me. Will you sing with me? Oh, I can’t hear you like you couldn’t say I’m like a million times. Are you ready to sing with me?


All right. So let’s do it.

And some baby mine he told me that my powers were crossed like the princess waves on the face he told.

Me that the man of my dream would be just speech which roll through.

Another it’s like I hear now.


Can hear him now.

Oh, my God.

Thank you so much. Well, my time here is short with you guys, but I will be taking pictures if kids want to come up or parents, it’s okay. Parents are well, I really want to share with you that I truly believe that every single one of you charities up here is worthy of being considered. And I think we all can like the world because there are people around the world that are waiting on America, and there is no such thing as a miracle too small. So if you see something there that is $10 or $50 or $300, trust me, every single one of those little miracles that.

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