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5 Things Mormons Believe That Other Christians Do Not – powered by Happy Scribe

All right. My name is David Smell, and I wrote an article from Mormon hub. Com a while back called Five Things Mormons believe that other Christians do not parentheses.

That makes so much sense.

We’re gonna throw down, get ready to put your Bucks and gloves on because you’re getting punched in the face by three more on like a gentle hug of doctrine.

Alright. Alright. First thing Mormons believe that other Christians do not but make so much sense. Now I think first it’s important to note that this is not Mormon bashing on other Christians.

Dang it.

I only kind of fashion. I know how to do this is just pointing out the differences between our religions. If you don’t believe them, then that’s fine. We’re going to talk about why we believe them.

Yeah. Hopefully you learn something.

Great. Awesome.

Number one, Mormons believe there are still prophetst today.

We do, and we sustain them.

And the question is why? Well, the Savior has always called profits. Why not?

Well, I think at least I know among my evangelical friends that there’s this idea of for me, Jesus Christ is our leader and our guide, and he’s the person we look to and we would go, Amen we agree with that? And we believe that Jesus Christ is going to speak to us the way he’s always spoken to people through prophets.


We still Revere Jesus Christ. But the method which he speaks to the children of men is different in those two viewpoints.

And a lot of Christ an sex believe in the gift of prophecy, the spiritual gift of prophecy. We believe that as well. But that’s a little different than what we’re talking about. We’re talking about prophets, Adam, Noah, Moses, Abraham. We believe that there are men like this today.

So this is a scripture. People quote all the time when we talk about modern profits. And it’s Mary 1322. And basically, Christ is warning against false Christ and false prophets. He says for false Christ and false Prophet shall arise and she’ll shoot signs and wonders to seduce if it were possible, even the elect right. That’s what they say. So they go right there. That proves that Joseph Smith, those people can’t be Prophet.

Anybody who is ever a Prophet again is false.


But the thing that’s top of that thing because the first part of this says for false Christ right now we know that all Christians are looking towards Christ coming again. And since the true Christ is going to come again, false Christ are going to come to deceive us. So that means true profits are going to come against false profits are going to come to deceive us. That’s what that means. There wouldn’t be in the same sentence if not right. So we believe that those true profits are here.

There are false profits.

But there was back then too.

Yeah, they were, in fact, right after Christ died, there were false credit sales profits.

Mormons believe that God’s fake to more than just ancient Israel.

Did you say Spake stay? You are Mormons through through a speaking.

I love that spoke.

I love that. I mean, our nickname in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is Mormons. And that derives from one of our sacred texts, the Book of Mormon, which hopefully you’ve heard about it. You haven’t check it out and read it.


Now we believe the Bible is God talking to ancient Israel through prophets. Weebly, the Book of Mormon is God talking to the people of ancient America through prophets. It’s parallel.

Yes. Definitely. Cohesive standing.

How do you come on, race.

So why do you hate me so much? Rachel hates me. I love you. So in John Ten, actually, Christ speaks about this. He says as a father. Now with me. Even so, I know the Father and I lay down my life for the sheep and other sheep I have, which are not of this fold them also, I must bring and they shall hear my voice, and there shall be one fold and one shepherd. And that is Christ talking about the other sheep of the world. Now, some people who are not of our faith interpret that.

It’s like, no, no, no. Christ isn’t talking about going to other countries. He’s talking about how he’s going to send his Apostle, though, but his Apostles are preaching to the other people in Israel to preach to the Jews of that area. But this is talking about the other sheep entirely. I also talking about Christ personally going, right. So you didn’t say, like, all the sheep I have that my Apostles will go to this quote says other sheep. I have that I will not do. And that is in the Book of Mormon.

And we should read verse about that.


In a smooth transition.

One of the things that strikes me when people contest this point of the Book of Mormon being extra biblical scripture is why wouldn’t God talk to people outside of the Middle East? And that seems to be something that is brought up in the Book of Mormon as well. Second, E. Y. 29 seven says, no, Ye not that there are more nations than one. No, you not that I the Lord. Your God have created all men, and that I remember those who are upon the aisles of the sea, and that I rule in the heavens above and in the Earth beneath.

And I bring forth my word unto the children of men, Yay, even unto all the nations of the Earth. Where for me, Mary, because that you shall receive more of my word. No, you not that the testimony of two nations is a witness unto you, that I am God.

Yeah, it’s beautiful.

And that makes sense. It for, like the Savior, the God we know who loves all his children. That sounds like him. They he’d be impartial and want to share his the gospel with every single person. Yeah.

I’ve always been confused. People were like the book more God. He only came to Israel, and that’s it. Everyone else who is alive at the time with the hell God wants. I think we have this sort of tinge of universalism in our faith where it’s like we believe that God wants us all to succeed. He doesn’t want most people to go to hell. I think I would say most Christians believe that, but we’re the only one that really kind of I would say back it up with extra script.

Yeah. Mormons ly that marriage and family continue after this life boom.


We believe real fraternity you can look at in and and cute little video to actually, what am I going to be married? Gossett off Provo guys. And I right.



But we believe we believe that families can be sealed for time in all eternity, which not only includes marriage, like matrimony between husband and wife, but also that the children are sealed to their parents. They are part of a unit forever.


That is the most marvelous action.

Earlier this year, I was in Brag, New Zealand. I was in New Zealand and it was heavenly.

But I was there. Pretty cool.

Now I am extremely cool.

I was in Pseudo Rapids, Iowa.

Lehi was in New Zealand trouble for the last two years, but I have points to make here. I was in New Zealand, but there alone on an internship. And while New Zealand was amazing, I realized that it was not as good as it could have been because my family was not there with me.


And I feel like the same thing applies to heaven. Heaven is not heaven unless your family’s there with you. Yeah, I agree.

Again. My evangelical friends, half of them believe like, oh, no, I’ll be married in the next slide. I’ll be my family, but the other half to leave like, no, no, no, no, no, no. The Bible says you’re not going to be married. So I think there actually isn’t, like a a unified thought in the Protestant world about marriage and what that entails in the next slide. And a lot of times people will quote this verse. They say, for in the resurrection, they either married or given in marriage, but are here as Angels of God in heaven.

And we believe that as well. We believe that in the resurrection, people are not giving in marriage, which is why now we get married and we get sealed on behalf of them so they can be married in the next slide. So a couple just. Yeah, tough work. But so I think we should just talk about the script because I know you’re gonna comment it, but we agree with it, but resurrection, a celestial kingdoms.

Or why don’t you mention that description that leads us beautifully into the next point, which is Mormons believe there is so much more than heaven. And Helen, you mentioned the celestial Kingdom there. If you’re not familiar with our religion, that’s gonna be a weird term for you.

Yes, it is. More than just that weird, like perfume stuff. You got a target on 2006. You have the celestial perfume stuff that on floor. Target business catheter. A very vivid memory is.

You know, to even care at that age. I’m just kidding. That. Yeah, you’re welcome.

Thank you.

I know I was not a welcome. It’s disgusting. Here’s a picture of me as a little kid.

I think it’s a little ridiculous to me to think that you’re either good or you’re bad and you’re going to heaven or hell. It. And as the Book of Mormon and the appropriate price explains to us that there are Mary degrees and that you are rewarded based off of your face.

Yeah, well, because Christians believe that ultimately we get to heaven through the Grace of God that’s ultimately we get is there. And so if you don’t know Jesus, then God, you know, he is a just God, which means most people in the history of the world went to hell, right? And not like Mormon. L like like hell. Hell is pretty terrifying. The restored gospel gives more hope in humanity and gives more clarity to God’s love and understanding of how he in this plan. I think that our view of the afterlife is much happier because we know that everyone has a shot and God didn’t just make people knowing that they work into who Jesus is and then go while you’re suffering that’s bad.

He’s not that kind of God. Our God is a loving God. He’s a true God. He cares about us. He’s not petty. Yeah, we’re inflection of doing petty. Alright.

Number five, Mormons believe you should get baptized in the same way that Jesus Christ did.

Yeah. By full immersion and fire and by fire the spirit iron water.

All right. The spirit.

There’s a lot of controversy on the method of baptism within the Christian world. Netflix think that immersion isn’t completely necessary. We do think is completely necessary.

So you baptize the bait when they’re babies.


Some. So you wait to learn adult and we just open the New Testament and we just do it that way. We follow the DNS. We just do it that way. Nice, I guess.

To it what it says in the books this times back into what we said about having modern day profits today, who we believe have revealed a little more detail as to how we should be baptized. Some of those details being at least waiting until you’re eight years old. Once you have more of an understanding of the difference between right and wrong, and especially in the Book of Mormon and Third Nephi eleven, it details specifically that you go down. Someone with authority takes the one being baptized, says certain words, immerse them in the water, raises them up out of the water and sham.

And I’m so thankful that we have the restored gospel in the modern prophets for that. Because if we just had the Bible, we’d be in the same position of like all the other small churches of like. Well, what does it actually mean? How do you baptize because of the restored gospel? We have the knowledge of the way we’re supposed to do it. And that’s what makes it different. That’s what makes it complete.

And you can’t blame people for being confused because they’re doing the best of what they have.

Yes, definitely.

So at the end of the day, yes, Marvins has some very different beliefs. Very particular, like, specific things that are different in other churches. And and you can believe them or not logically. You could talk about it all day about why it’s true or not. But it all comes down to like, trade. Read the Book of Mormon and the Spirit testified that these things are true. And then you can find out for yourself whether these five differences are true. And if you have any comments or if you like this video or you subscribe, you can do all of those things for free, because we live in America and we have a beautiful country.

You should subscribe. Yes, should comment. You should like and share. You will.

That was particularly sassy.

But you can do it Besides you.

Hydrogen side or we.

That’S your goal.

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