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Valentine’s Day with Members of the Twelve


Throughout the world, February 14 is celebrated as Valentine’s Day. For those with spouses or significant others, it can be a wonderful day to celebrate and renew the tender feelings that bind hearts together in love and affection. But for others, it can be a reminder that things haven’t worked out as they had hoped.
On February 12, 2005, just two days before Valentine’s Day, my beloved wife Dantzel suddenly passed away. That Valentine’s Day was absolutely painful, and the days and months that followed were the most difficult of my life. The silence was deafening, and it was a time of deep grief and loneliness for me.
Thankfully, Wendy Watson later came into my life. She agreed to marry me. She now fills my life with tremendous joy—and I hope I do the same for her!
Regardless of relationship status, there is one source to whom we can all turn to either enhance the love we feel for others or mend our hearts when they feel broken—the Savior Jesus Christ. His ministry, His teachings, and His selfless sacrifice were all born out of His infinite love and tremendous care for each one of us.
As we study the Old Testament this year, be on the lookout for a certain word that appears over 25 times. That word is “lovingkindness.” Whether we are married or single, let’s find ways today to show “lovingkindness” to everyone around us. Beyond chocolates or flowers, let’s give of our time, attention, and care to those who need it most.

May the Lord bless us as we try to emulate His love to others, today and always.

Since the time Pat and I met back when the clay beds were still forming, I have especially loved this time of year. She celebrates her birthday just two days after Valentine’s Day—that’s why I call her my “February 16 Valentine!”

For nearly 60 years, we have faced days of glory—but also days of gloom. Sometimes we fail. Sometimes those we love may fail. But the pure love of Jesus Christ will never fail. Pat and I have found that following the Savior’s perfect example of love brings more joy to our marriage than anything else because it cannot—and will not—fail! I am grateful there is One who did get it all right.

Surely, we will face moments of disagreement with our spouses and others we love. When we face such times, I encourage each of us to remember to look beyond ourselves. Christ’s Atonement alone was the greatest display of selflessness known to man. Eternal marriage—and the glorious blessings associated with it—will not come without effort on our behalf.

Pat’s effort to put Christ at the center of our family’s life has nourished our relationship more than I can ever fully explain. I am grateful to have someone so faithful by my side. 

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