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Last week Google Search launched a new feature called Google with Recipe View. If you have read my past articles on free Recipes, you know I love finding recipes online. It saves on the pocketbook and I love trying new things. Google to the rescue with Google with Recipe View.

If you currently use the generic Google Search for a recipe you really have to filter your search to get any recipes. There sometimes is a cross-over of results. If you are looking for “Italian food”, and type in such a request, you might get Italian restaurants and images for Italian food instead of recipes. If you type in “Italian food recipes”, you will usually get links for food sites, magazines or TV shows. But nothing very specific. You would usually need to use the +/- symbols and double quotes to narrow down your search. It does work, but with this new option it is just a few clicks away from finding what you need.

Start off with a search in Google regular search. Let’s type in “Italian Eggplant Lasagna” and click Search, you will be given many results. In the Google search tabs that are to the left of the Google page, once you start a search, Google Recipes is an option to choose. If you don’t see that option, click on More and then Recipes. Look to the left side and you see different button where you can click to focus your results. Do you want spinach, veal or fennel in your dish?  Click Yes or No to show only those results. You can also control Cook Time, and how many Calories. Play with it to find different results. The possibilities are endless.

Google has provided a Quick Tutorial for the Recipes Search. Who knew that Google had Executive Chefs? Remember too, if you still can’t find what you are looking for, use Google Alerts to look for you and email you the results as it finds them.  Read my Previous Article on this for more details.

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