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To the Women We Love | Happy Mother’s Day

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Are we not all mothers?

While the most common definition of motherhood is bearing children, it is so much more than that. Motherhood is about loving and nurturing others. All women have God-given gifts to help them in these efforts, whether they have their own children or not.

Motherhood is divine

Motherhood is a divine role. We can be a mother (noun), and we can mother (verb). To mother is a calling from God for all women. Just as God does, mothers help their children navigate life with love, guidance, and support. Mothers help make hard decisions, encourage in hard times, and love no matter what.

God loves mothers

Motherhood requires sacrifice and can be exhausting. God sees the daily efforts of mothers everywhere, no matter how large or small. He is there to help as you try to be the best mother you can.

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