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FLASH: Total solar eclipses 7 years apart covering major LDS Church history sites. Coincidence?

Two total solar eclipses, both of which cross major LDS history sites. Coincidence?

NOTE: We only share this post out because we find it to be interesting information. Please do not take your focus away from what really matters—the Savior and your relationship with Him, the inspired teachings of His living prophets, the scriptures, your faith, and your discipleship.

Two total solar eclipses, both of which cross major LDS history sites.


We agree with the author; this is interesting and fun to read, but we are not reading anything into this.

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Interesting Facts About the 2017 and 2024 Total Solar Eclipses

Here is the path of the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse that travels across all of the mainland United States:

Screen shot 2016 08 23 at 7.27.05 pm

And here is the path of the April 8, 2024 total solar eclipse:

Screen shot 2016 08 23 at 7.28.52 pm

Here is what they look like put on the same map (thanks to Jonathan Neville of Moroni’s America for sending me the following picture of both eclipses on the same map as well as pointing out to me that the 2024 eclipse will also go over Kirtland and Cumorah!):

Screenshot 2017 08 20 16.57.49

A total solar eclipse has a limited path or zone where you would have to be to see the total phase of the eclipse. These two eclipse paths have a northern limit, a path center, and a southern limit. In the above pictures, this zone is marked by a northern blue line, a red center line, and a southern blue line.

The green and purple marker pins have to do with the points of greatest eclipse and greatest duration, which I won’t discuss here.

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  1. Love how “X” marks the spot….over Jackson Country….right where “Little Egypt” is located. America, being the modern day Egypt. The 2024 eclipse also passes through cities named Salem (again)…along with some other interesting names….

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