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Tips for hotel and motel safety


Lock all door locks and keep the “do not disturb” sign on throughout your stay; hide valuables and check for bed bugs.

Avoid first-floor or street-level rooms, especially with sliding or balcony doors; keep shades or curtains closed.

If the front desk announces your room number or personal info aloud, request a different room for safety.

Have hotel staff check room issues themselves while you wait at the front desk.

Request an escort when parking in an adjacent lot for extra safety.

Trust your instincts about the hotel and its workers; let someone know where you are and have a contingency plan.

Take room service orders at the door to avoid letting strangers in; be wary of using hallway ice dispensers.

Always use the deadbolt; be aware of the location of emergency exits and avoid using in-room glasses or coffee pots due to cleanliness concerns.

Be vigilant and not distracted by your phone in public areas; take pictures of suspicious elements.

Make reservations for two to give the impression you’re not alone and ask for multiple room keys.

Use Google Maps Street View to check the safety and surroundings of the hotel area.

Inspect the room upon arrival for intruders, cameras, and bed bugs.

Carry a rubber door stop for additional door security; unmarried women may consider wearing a fake wedding ring.

Always lock your door and consider using a travel door lock for added security.

If alone in an elevator with a suspicious person, press a different floor and use stairs or another elevator.

Use the hotel ironing board against the door for extra security; always cover the peephole for privacy.

Ensure windows and doors lock securely; consider carrying a steel bar for additional security on sliding doors or windows.

Choose accommodations close to well-lit, populated areas; read reviews for safety.

Inform family or friends of your travel plans and use location-sharing apps for safety.

Avoid rooms by stairwells or elevators to reduce noise and enhance security; ensure sliding doors or windows are locked.

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