4/15 – Pres. Nelson Honored, Miss Teen Philippines Hawaii, & Lots of Blood

This Week in Mormons Podcast: 4/15/2023 – Pres. Nelson Honored, Miss Teen Philippines Hawaii, & Lots of Blood



John & Jenny Dye break down the news this week!


Church Casting and Music Opportunities

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Hey, everybody.

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You ever record for three minutes and then realize the audio wasn’t?

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Or 15? That’s what just happened to us. But we are live now. That’s fine.

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I am John Dye.

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I am Jenny Noonan Dye.

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We are here today as your twin hosts.

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Yes, thanks for joining us today.

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You have one novice and one very professional podcaster in front of you.

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But you got to guess which is which. For our, I don’t know, introduction here, because this is our first time on this podcast, we thought we would do just a brief introduction. John and I are related to each other by marriage, our marriage. We met on Twitter, maybe a little over seven years ago, seven and a half years ago. We have been married just six years. We have 11 children. You can go ahead and figure that out.

[00:01:09.080] – Speaker 1
Do the math.

[00:01:09.780] – Speaker 2
That’s how that goes.

[00:01:12.220] – Speaker 1
Just a little bit of background, how we met. I think the audience might find this interesting. I worked for a group called Bonneville Communications, boncom, that’s under the Deseret Management Corporation, the DMC umbrella, which is the for-profit arm of the Church. I did influencer outreach and social media back in the days of mormon.org, a term we don’t use often anymore, but worked with influencers. And Jenny Noonan Die was one of those influencers. She is an OG blogger.

[00:01:45.400] – Speaker 2
Sure. Ask your mom what that means, what a blogger is. But as of late, I also happened to be a member of the cultural hall host panel. And for a very fun few years, I got to be the co host of the Mormon News Report with Brent Malone.

[00:02:05.120] – Speaker 1
Yeah, that was good. That was good. W e did some good Come Follow Me lessons every Sunday morning when something called COVID-19 was around. Never heard of it. Yeah, never heard of it. Anyway, we’re excited to be with you today. But before we jump into the stories, you are doing some interesting things with the Motion Picture Studio for the Church.

[00:02:26.170] – Speaker 2
Yeah, I work in casting for the Church, and right now we are getting ready to film another season of the Book of Mormon videos. Today, what we and casting did was we watched some very rough cuts of what we filmed most recently, which will be available to the general public this September. I’ll be honest, I tend to be critical about media that the Church puts out. You are. Surprise, surprise. Surprising to zero people who know me. I was moved to even tears today with emotion. I’m really excited for people to see these films, these little pieces that we’ve put together, little. That’s awesome. It really is. We did so much filming last year, not only in different locations in Utah, but also in Hawaii and in Oregon. Really excited for those to come out. Just as a little plug for that, people don’t realize that there are lots of needs for casting for the church. If anyone is interested, and I mean anyone, you don’t have to have experience even or live in Utah. There are lots of opportunities. If you go to casting.churchofJesuschrist.org, you’re able to fill out a profile and format it to your preferences of notifications of the kinds of projects you’d like to work on, what you’d like to be notified about, and so on.

[00:03:59.580] – Speaker 2
Just want to put that out there.

[00:04:01.270] – Speaker 1
That’s great. I am with Skylight.org. What’s that? Let’s tell you what Skylight is. If you go to skylight. Org, you will find, I think, something very interesting and innovative. Our goal as a foundation is to work with the youth of the world, regardless of faith tradition. This isn’t just Church centric, but we work with Muslims, Hindus, Jewish Christians, others to help the youth of the world connect with the higher power. That’s important. T here’s a reason why the Church is partially funding this effort is there is a growing need. It’s always been a need, but it’s growing even more to help the youth of the world feel recognized and seek after God’s love or the Deity of their choice. skylight.org, check it out, see what you think, and we’ll go from there. There are some interesting stories this week in all of Mormondom, if I may say that. I think you can. Where do we want to start?

[00:05:11.180] – Speaker 2
Do you want to go ahead with this article from the Salt Lake Tribune?

[00:05:14.400] – Speaker 1
Absolutely. Do you want to.

[00:05:15.570] – Speaker 2
Read the title? I sure will. LDS President Russell Nelson wins praise, peace prize as tireless champion of radical inclusivity.

[00:05:26.330] – Speaker 1
Okay. T hat’s the tribune? It is. Okay. I was going to say, just based on that number 1, he wins it, which is incredible. Morehouse College, for those that may not know, that’s located in Atlanta, Georgia. T his has to have some tie to the NAACP, right?

[00:05:44.450] – Speaker 2
Yeah. He was ordered… What it’s called is the inaugural Gandhi King Mandela Peace Prize by Morehouse College, which, like you mentioned, is an historically black school in Atlanta. What was your question?

[00:06:03.150] – Speaker 2
Well, no.

[00:06:03.670] – Speaker 1
Oh, yeah. It’s tied to the.

[00:06:05.150] – Speaker 2
NAACP, right? Right, yeah. What is his name? Reverend Lawrence Carter, who’s the founding Dean of the College’s Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel, he said to President Nelson, he said, You’ve worked tirelessly to build bridges of understanding. Rather than create walls of segregation, you have led your great church to link arms with the NAACP, the United Negro College Fund, Morehouse College, and Spelman College to help more people enjoy the light of participatory democracy.

[00:06:41.100] – Speaker 1
Yeah, that’s incredible. I think President Nelson does personify that. I think he’s done a great job reaching out to those A, of other faiths, but those of other ethnicities and skin tones and really helping enlarge what we as a church are known for in reaching out to others. I think that’s good. Now, interestingly enough, I did a little research on Morehouse College. Martin Luther King Jr. Did graduate from there, as did Spike Lee, believe it or not, the front row guy at all the New York Knicks games. Again, as Jenny mentioned, very steeped in black tradition and mainly serving that population. But I think that’s cool anytime you’re recognized to be able to represent the church in that way. We have a deep hole to dig out of, don’t we?

[00:07:39.330] – Speaker 2
We absolutely do. I do want to mention here because the trip mentions this, I think it’s important. Part of the article reads, God cares for all his children, Nelson said, differences in nationality, color, culture do not change the fact that we are truly sons and daughters of God. And as a follower and witness of Jesus Christ, I have only come to understand that divine truth more deeply. The Latterday Saint leader repeated words he has said before that racism, sexism, and a host of other isms are universally and tragically limiting in the way we regard and treat each other. Any abuse or prejudice toward another because of race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, culture, or any other identifiers is offensive to our maker and defies the first and second great commandments that we should love God with our hearts and our neighbors as ourselves.

[00:08:33.400] – Speaker 1
Interesting. Yeah. That’s a great quote. Very good quote. Much needed and much lauded recognition to our Prophet, to our President, and that’s great. All of those help. Okay, what’s story number two?

[00:08:48.870] – Speaker 2
Speaking of abuse, how’s that for a segue? Ouch. Listen, we can’t shy away from this stuff. I intentionally chose this reporting from the Deseret News on this story, which was from just a couple of days ago. Arizona Supreme Court upholds Latterday Saint priest penitent privilege in sex abuse case. The Arizona Supreme Court has ruled that the state’s priest penitent privilege law exempts the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints from revealing information from a confidential spiritual confession. There was a case recently where three children of a man who actually has died by suicide while he was in jail because he was arrested for child pornography. They filed this lawsuit and essentially we’re saying, My dad came to our bishop to say he needed help with this and the bishop didn’t report it and the abuse continued. The question then becomes, what responsibility from a legal standpoint does church clergy have in reporting those cases of abuse? T hat is what the Arizona Supreme Court has said, that if it is a spiritual confession situation scenario, then there is no requirement.

[00:10:23.910] – Speaker 1
No requirement to report it.

[00:10:26.340] – Speaker 2
In this article, of course, it also quotes President Nelson, again, from one of last year’s sessions of General Conference where he says, Let me be perfectly clear. Any abuse of women, children, or anyone is an abomination to the Lord. Those who perpetrate these hideous acts are not only accountable to the laws of man, but will also face the wrath of Almighty God. In the Arizona case, the local latter day Saint bishop, who heard the confession from Adams, asked him to report the abuse to police, but Adams refused. Adams also declined to give the bishop permission to make the report himself based on Adams confidential confession according to the church.

[00:11:13.540] – Speaker 1
Yeah, that’s deep. What are your thoughts?

[00:11:16.890] – Speaker 2
Oh, I have so many thoughts.

[00:11:20.090] – Speaker 1
What are your thoughts in three.

[00:11:20.990] – Speaker 2
Minutes or less? Nope, I’m not even going to give three minutes to it. We need to do better. I am not a lawyer. I don’t have that… I’m also surprisingly not a bishop. Also, I think that if we’re going to say that abuse is not okay, if we’re going to say that it is not tolerated, then we need to figure out a way institutionally to not tolerate it. So many of these lines are blurry. And I think anytime the victim is not protected, then we need to repent and do better.

[00:12:03.310] – Speaker 1
What is the role of privilege then? Do you think specifically from clergy, but also from a legal perspective? Are there any interesting parallels there that you feel should be kept or should be construed differently than they are currently? Do you feel if abuse is even mentioned, it should have to be reported? Where do we draw that line?

[00:12:29.950] – Speaker 2
Yeah, I think so. I think that if someone comes in a confession from a spiritual perspective way, they want to make a confession and it involves the abuse, the violation of another person, I think one option to consider might be that the bishop… It says in this article that the bishop asked the man to report it and he refused. I think it may become a case of, Look, you’ve reported this. If you don’t turn yourself in, I’m.

[00:13:18.050] – Speaker 1

[00:13:18.560] – Speaker 2
To. Now, I’m going to go ahead and guess that some people would push back and say, Well, if that happens, then that will prevent people from coming in. Okay, let’s prevent people from doing it.

[00:13:33.040] – Speaker 1
Yeah. Well, the issue I have is there has to be a voice for the voiceless in this. A gain, I will not be one to say that I know where that line is, nor will I try to say we should create that line because there’s a lot of nuance here. That being said, we do have to do better here. I’m not sure, again, exactly how to do better, but we do need to represent those that cannot speak for themselves, those youth, especially if this individual, and if memory serves, he did come in and confess himself. He was, again, as you said, recommended by the bishop to go and share that with the authorities. He did not do that, but the bishop didn’t do anything either. A gain, the victims here are the children.

[00:14:38.910] – Speaker 2
To your point about this privilege, this law, there’s a line also in this article that says the bishop asked Adam’s wife to report. She refused and later served a prison sentence for failure to report sexual abuse. Now, so then we look at the bishop and the whole thing is he is not required to serve any time for failure to report sexual abuse because of his position as bishop. But also let’s remember that any calling is service. It’s not his job, even though that is his position. Not to downplay who a bishop is, but if you’re looking at it in the sense of the calling and the career, he’s just some dude. Sure. Do you know what I’m saying?

[00:15:33.270] – Speaker 1
Yeah. He’s representing the savior in duties that.

[00:15:37.700] – Speaker 2
He has. But on a volunteer basis, I thank you for your service. And like you said, there needs to be… We can’t just be like, Oh, well, thank you for sharing with me that you are abusing your own children, who are also people over whom I have stewardship. I mean, there’s got to be more that can.

[00:15:59.040] – Speaker 1
Be done here. It’s complicated in trying to do something here, trying to untie this knot as hard. But again, we do need to give voice to the voiceless and assist them. A gain, where that answer lies, I’m definitely not one to say, but it is sad that all that transpired. The church, I believe, does have responsibility to assist with that, especially when those Ecclesiastical interviews are taking place. Great. Well, should we leave that heavy topic and maybe move on? This is not a lighter topic, actually.

[00:16:44.540] – Speaker 2
Actually, no, this is straight up tragedy. It is with sadness that we share the news of the death of a young missionary assigned to the Honduras San Pedro Sula West Mission. Sister Maria Jose Chávez Garcia, age 20, passed away on the evening of Tuesday, April 11, 2023. Sister Chávez began feeling ill a few days ago and was admitted to the hospital where she was diagnosed with leukemia.

[00:17:15.550] – Speaker 1
Sorry, we have dead space, but I think that for those of you not seeing the reaction, there’s tears. Sorry.

[00:17:24.060] – Speaker 2
No, that’s okay.

[00:17:25.440] – Speaker 1
Do you want me to.

[00:17:26.440] – Speaker 2
Fill in? If you want to. I don’t know if you can see the article without your glasses, but anyway. I cannot. Doctors began emergency treatment, but she suffered complications and passed away. She was from Kuliyapa, Guatemala, and began her missionary service in August 2022. We send our love and prayers to Sister Chauvin’s family and missionaries of the And our St. Peter’s request mission. As we remember her faithful service, we pray they will each feel the love of the Savior during this difficult time. Anyway, as someone who has sent her daughter on a mission, this is why.

[00:18:03.570] – Speaker 1
I was going to make that point. I think that was a visceral reaction for many reasons. One being, which you had a daughter that served, we had a daughter that served. The other thing that strikes me with this, beyond the fact that it’s just a straight out tragedy, as you mentioned, is the speed at which it… She just started serving in August of 22, so less than a year ago. When she was diagnosed, it must have just proliferated so quickly because that was… It was fast, right? Yes. Timeline was very quick. Anyway, our condolences go out to the mission, to the family, to all those impacted by that sister and her passing.

[00:18:50.170] – Speaker 2
Let’s move on to some great news. Please. Some actual great news. This is, I think, really cool. Ms. Teen Philippines Hawaii has decided to gather donations of school supplies for Filipinos. Her name is Mariel Magderila. I think Magderila. She’s from the Waipahu Hawaii state. She completed for Ms. Tean Philippines Hawaii, and she made a pledge to donate school supplies to students in the Philippines. As I planned to visit the Philippines later in the month, I thought, What better way to build my platform than to serve my community there? She said. My mom inspired me to collect school supplies for a school in our local province. I knew I wasn’t the only person to have unused school supplies. It felt like the perfect match. So last December, Maryal won the title of Miss Teen Philippines Hawaii. And within a week, she hosted a school supply drive, and she received enough donations to create more than 100 student supply bundles. She says, I felt a strong desire to be a change. I had a purpose to fulfill. This service was my way of showing Christlike love. I just think that’s super cool because anytime you have an opportunity…

[00:20:11.480] – Speaker 2
If you have what? A microphone in front of your face. If you have a camera on you, if you’re on a stage and you can choose to say something and use your powers for good, this is what this girl did.

[00:20:24.990] – Speaker 1
I love it. And remind me, that was covered in Church Newsroom or was that?

[00:20:29.920] – Speaker 2
That is from the Church Newsroom.

[00:20:32.160] – Speaker 1
Okay. B y the way, there will be links to all of these in the show notes, so go ahead and look for that. But yeah, that’s outstanding that she’d do something right. I guess what I would say about that, too, number 1, congratulations. Number 2, it’s not uncommon for people to use platforms for good. I think that’s great. This is obviously a member of the Church. When people are put in public positions like that, I think there’s a lot of good that is done that sometimes isn’t as recognized as Mestin, Philippines, Hawaii. So kudos to everyone doing good things in the world. Sometimes you’re recognized, other times you’re not, but keep doing good. Yeah. Thanks, John Dine.

[00:21:17.440] – Speaker 2
Speaking of doing good, and also speaking of newsroom.

[00:21:22.560] – Speaker 1
Speaking of blood. Oh, wait. Blood drives. Blood drives.

[00:21:25.810] – Speaker 2
Okay. The Church provides donations to the American Red Cross. There is this article about success stories from 2022. There is an ongoing collaboration between the Church and the American Red Cross, which helps those impacted by disasters, serious medical conditions, which will, of course, continue to be ongoing. The Church has announced a donation of $8.7 million to assist with the purchase of biomedical equipment, mobile blood donation centers, and programs to assist those with cancer or sickle cell disease. We are profoundly grateful for our long standing and remarkable collaboration to deliver urgently needed relief for people facing life’s emergencies, said Gayle McGovern, President and CEO of the American Red Cross. The Church’s incredible financial support and the steadfast commitment of your members make a difference for people in need every day. In 2022, the Church remained the largest single Red Cross blood drive contributor. I know that when I have gone to donate blood, only a couple of times have I gone to the Red Cross center in a building in a strip mall. It’s usually because I was already at church and the sign up sheet went around that, hey, in a couple of Thursdays, the Red Cross is going to be at the stake center and I’m going to go donate blood that day.

[00:22:57.280] – Speaker 2
You know what I mean? Having this mobile access really makes a difference.

[00:23:04.260] – Speaker 1
I think. Absolutely. And to hear that the church is the single largest donor, if.

[00:23:10.060] – Speaker 2
I heard you correctly? The largest single Red Cross blood drive contributor. Now blood isn’t the only thing the Red Cross does. But as far as blood drives go, the church is the biggest contributor. Because in 2022, the Church provided a donation of 5.1 million to the Red Cross. And some of the efforts supported by the Church aid included increased outreach to African American communities to fight sickle cell disease, critical blood services for people battling cancer, improved effectiveness and efficiency of blood collection operations in the face of fluctuations in the blood supply and the lingering challenges of the COVID 19 pandemic. So, yes, the blood drives, that is part of it. But it’s also, it sounds like research going on and targeting specific communities in need as well as disaster relief.

[00:24:07.060] – Speaker 1
This reminds me, though, of Eagle Projects. May they rest in peace, at least church wise. Moment of silence for Eagle Projects. But I remember the go to always for people who wanted an easy Eagle Project was, hey, you’d be responsible for the list that goes around and handing out treats and doing all that. Kudos to everyone that has done that, that got their Eagle. Again, this was a shoe in, I’m sure, for many of you. I don’t want to downgrade anyone’s Eagle project, but again, I remember working with youth and those ones that we needed to make sure got it, that had a relatively easy project. It was always the Red Cross Blood Drive.

[00:24:52.590] – Speaker 2
I will take your.

[00:24:54.070] – Speaker 1
Word for it. Okay, you will believe me. Do we have time for one or.

[00:24:58.640] – Speaker 2
Two more? Well, just in line with that. The Church has new platforms so that you can continue to be informed about the Church’s humanitarian efforts. B asically, in January, names of social media accounts changed from Latterday Saint Jaredies to… Their handle is @caring.church of Jesus Christ. It’s all part of the rebrand, right? Yeah, that’s interesting.

[00:25:24.790] – Speaker 2
There’s that.

[00:25:26.180] – Speaker 1
More attribution, more recognition there.

[00:25:30.910] – Speaker 2
Peggy Fletcher Stack had an awesome article in the Salt Lake Tribune titled Women at LDS General Conference. Fewer are called, fewer are chosen, fewer are quoted. To the surprise of no one. I know this was mentioned in the last weeks, this week in Mormons. I don’t know that the article specifically was quoted, but again, at the just completed 193rd annual general conference, for example, of the 33 speakers in the five sessions, two were women. Once again, I bring to you, we need to do better.

[00:26:15.450] – Speaker 1
Well, let’s talk about that briefly. The evolution of general conference, how many years ago was it, five, six, seven, that we had actual people, speakers speaking in their native language, and it would be translated, closed captioned into English. That lasted, I think, just one session. Then we had Alternating priesthood and Relief Society Saturday evening sessions. I do remember when sisters literally just said an opening or a closing prayer. But yeah, this number seems extremely low. It seemed like the pendulum swung one way, meaning we had more sister speaking at one point. It’s swinging back. They’ve got to be aware of this, right? I mean, whoever’s creating the agenda for General Conference has to know the amount of testosterone versus estrogen that’s in the room and who’s speaking. What are your thoughts?

[00:27:25.280] – Speaker 2
Again, what’s the thoughts?

[00:27:26.690] – Speaker 1
Not enough time. Yeah.

[00:27:27.880] – Speaker 2
Not enough time. I don’t even think that it’s a pendulum swing. I think it’s a crap shoot, except that it isn’t random. Like you said, these sessions are planned, and we need to do better. They’re need to be more… We need to hear from more women. Women need to be quoted more, cited more. We need to hear their voices, their experiences. Especially when we as women are told that we need to buy our own profits, that we need to use our voices, and we need to be heard and speak up, and then we’re not given.

[00:28:13.130] – Speaker 1

[00:28:13.440] – Speaker 2
Opportunity to do so. Yeah, representation matters, and we need to do better.

[00:28:20.940] – Speaker 1
Do you think Peggi calling this out will have any influence on what happens moving forward?

[00:28:31.150] – Speaker 2
I want to hope so. I think Peggi is such a well respected, well deserved, award winning journalist.

[00:28:43.710] – Speaker 1
And a member of the Church who.

[00:28:46.180] – Speaker 2
Actively participates. Right. And her religion reporting is just unmatched. It’s so wonderful. One thing I love about a lot of things that she tends to do is she will Well, I can’t speak to her methods, but I do see sometimes crowdsourcing. She will ask for voices. What do you think? A gain, we will have a link to this Tribune article in the show notes so that you can see that she sites people and their own experience. Women who say, there’s one here, there’s no scriptural mandate against women speaking at general conference. The brethren are not even limited by the small number of roles they have chosen to allow women to hold as general officers of the church. They can ask anyone they want to speak, even if they do not hold one of those callings. T here is precedent for choosing speakers from outside those ranks. Have we heard teenagers speak? You know what I’m saying? There’s not a.

[00:29:57.550] – Speaker 1
Quota or there’s specifically no requirement. I was.

[00:30:00.280] – Speaker 2
Going to say there’s no excuse. Oh, there’s no excuse. Good for you for being nicer than me. There’s just no excuse. It’s overdue. It’s sorely overdue. It’s embarrassing.

[00:30:15.100] – Speaker 1
Yeah. For those that want to comment on this, obviously, if you’re watching this on YouTube, go ahead and comment below. I believe those comments are always open. The email address is… Something. It’ll be down in the show notes as well, but we do have that. It is contact@thisweekinmormans. Com. We’d love to hear what your thoughts are about this. What can be done? What should be done? Was it just right? Should it change? We’d love to hear your opinion on this. Yeah. Okay. What’s our next article?

[00:30:55.160] – Speaker 2
I think we’ve got just one more thing.

[00:30:59.500] – Speaker 1
Let’s hit it. Is it something about moisture? Don’t. Listen, in.

[00:31:07.610] – Speaker 2
Utah, which happens to be where John Dine and I are currently, mainly because it’s where we live currently. We have been praying for rain and we got it.

[00:31:25.270] – Speaker 1
So has.

[00:31:25.670] – Speaker 2
Governor Hox. Yeah. Well, our governor asked that we do so. But anyway.

[00:31:30.320] – Speaker 1
He’s been chided or derided by?

[00:31:32.410] – Speaker 2
Of course. Everyone?

[00:31:34.460] – Speaker 1
Well, who was the late night or not the late night guy, the HBO Max guy that… John Oliver? John Oliver, right? Back in the day, made fun of him. It’s almost his birthday. Is it? Yeah. Governor or Johns? Johns. Okay.

[00:31:48.400] – Speaker 2
Anyway, we prayed for water. The moisture prayers worked.

[00:31:52.480] – Speaker 1
It worked, you guys. We are righteous, obviously.

[00:31:55.970] – Speaker 2
I did see a graphic this morning about there are different flood levels or drought levels and just how it is astounding the levels that we’ve gotten away from drought to closer to where we need to be. That being said, with it having been such an intense, long winter, here we are now with spring temperatures and the result is flooding. So all that to say, even if… I guess just as a reminder, #not sponsored. Go to just serve. Org. I just checked it before we began recording. And in our area where we happen to live, there are opportunities for things like filling sandbags in preparation for areas which are anticipated to, which likely will, and which absolutely will flood. And if you happen to be in an area that isn’t Utah or isn’t affected by flooding, still, go to just serve. Org. It’s a super cool tool to find opportunities to serve and good ways to use your time.

[00:33:09.170] – Speaker 1
Absolutely. Much needed here along the Wasatch Front. Obviously, that’s what we’re familiar with, but opportunities everywhere. If you have opportunities to serve, you can upload those to Just Serve. If you have opportunities where you want to serve, it’s the app store for service. Those who have service projects can drop them there. Those who want to serve can also go there to find out what to do. That’s great. Well, as we wrap this up, yes, if people have comments or want to want to give their opinions, where might.

[00:33:46.470] – Speaker 2
They go? You can find This Week in Mormons on social media on Facebook. It is just search This Week in Mormons. On Twitter, it’s @ therealtwim. Twim is the acronym for this week in Mormons. That’s T, H, E, R, E, A, L, T, W, I, M.

[00:34:04.740] – Speaker 1
The real, because apparently there are some unreal twins, right?

[00:34:09.270] – Speaker 2
Imposter twins.

[00:34:10.270] – Speaker 1
I guess so. Sure. I had a tip to Jeff Openshaw, who created the real twin, right?

[00:34:16.380] – Speaker 2
I think so. T hen again, you mentioned it before, but you can always email contact@ thisweekinmormons. Com.

[00:34:25.690] – Speaker 1
If people want to follow you personally, Jenny Noonan Dye? Yes.

[00:34:30.110] – Speaker 2
If you want to follow me, do so at your own. Carol? Yes, correct. I was going to say discretion, but peril. It’s probably more apt. My handle is @formerlyf red, and that is F, O, R, M, E, R, L, Y, P, H, R, E, A, D, as in bread.

[00:34:48.620] – Speaker 1
What about you, John? formerlyphread? Yes. For me, it’s very easy. On most platforms, I’m @dyejo.

D, Y, E, J, O. Yeah. All right. So as we lead us out? Yeah.

[00:35:00.960] – Speaker 2
Have a great week. Yeah. I’d love to hear from you.

[00:35:05.060] – Speaker 1
I’d love to hear from you. And hopefully, we’ve done a good enough job to be invited again by Kurt F rankham, who now is over to him. Yeah. again, appreciate everyone listening and following Twin this week in Mormons. They do some great stuff in sharing the best news and the most relevant news. Not always the most happy news, as we found out today, but I think the most relevant news and things you need to understand to be in the know in all of Mormondom.

[00:35:35.300] – Speaker 2
Remember who you are and return with tacos. Yep.


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