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New Podcast

Committed Conversations

Hosted by Kate Holbrook and Sam Brown

Committed Conversations with Kate and Sam
We are pleased to announce that the first episode of our new podcast, Committed Conversations, is now available. Committed Conversations is cosponsored by the Church History Department and BYU Studies and is hosted by Kate Holbrook, a Church historian, and her husband Sam Brown, a medical doctor and independent historian. In their first episode, they discuss the minutes of the very first meeting of the Relief Society, helping listeners learn about its origin, influences, and mission.


“Relief Society General Board Minutes Collection Now Accessible”

Anne Berryhill

Emmeline Wells, Relief Society Presidency and General Board
“In collaboration with the Relief Society General Presidency, the Church History Department has released over 100 years’ worth of minutes taken during meetings of the Relief Society General Board (1842 through 1951).”
This online catalogue is the result of years of work by Church historians and could well become the basis for future scholarship about the history of the Relief Society. Read more about the catalogue in this blog post by Anne Berryhill.
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Come, Follow Me

Exodus 1–6

“I Have Remembered My Covenant”

Burning Bush on Mount Sinai, by Jerry Thompson
The book of Exodus begins with the bondage of the children of Israel, the infant Moses being taken in by Pharaoh’s daughter, Moses’s call as a prophet-leader, and the first events of the exodus. God reveals that he will deliver his people; he cares deeply and responds to them.
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Book Notice

Real vs. Rumor: How to Dispel Latter-day Saint Myths

Real vs. Rumor
“In Real vs. Rumor, Keith Erekson equips readers with the analytical tools to examine a wide variety of topics relating to Church history. His purpose is to help readers distinguish, as indicated in the title of the book, what is real and what is rumor and to dispel old, new, and forthcoming myths that persist in Sunday School lessons and sacrament meeting talks. He does so in an engaging way that will appeal to a broad audience, from teenagers and recently returned missionaries to anyone who has ever given a talk or lesson—or ever will.”
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Taking the Gospel to the Japanese, 1901–2001

cover image of Taking the Gospel to the Japanese
The first stake of the Church in Asia was created on March 15, 1970, in Tokyo, Japan. Kenji Tanaka was called as president. Taking the Gospel to the Japanese, 1901–2001 tells the story of the first missionaries to Japan in 1901, cultural challenges, and growth. The book is now on sale for $7 and is available online or at the BYU Studies office.
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Interfaith Conversation Series

March 20, 5 P.M. PDT The Passover
On March 20, 5 p.m. Pacific Time, the John A. Widtsoe Foundation will continue its interfaith dialogue series with a Zoom webinar about Passover and Exodus 11–19. The special guest participating in this week’s discussion will be Rabbi Robbie Harris.
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BYU Easter Conference

2022 BYU Easter Conference, April 8 at 7 pm
The BYU Religious Studies Easter Conference will be Friday, April 8, 2022. Read here for details.
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