Preached on Sunday. Practiced every day.

Church begins on Sunday, but does it end there? Imagine if church extended beyond the four walls of a building to inspire us every day.

What is the difference between attending church on Sunday and actually practicing the tenets of that religion to its fullest?

In a new video from called “This is a church,” we begin to see.

Images of people serving one another shows how religion can and should be lived—every day of the week.

Religion is not just what happens on Sunday. Sitting in pews and wearing our nicest “Sunday-appropriate” clothes. True religion includes worshiping our Heavenly Father and doing what the Savior would do for others. It is in these often small and seemingly insignificant moments that we truly become His hands and represent him in the actions He would do if He were here.

The video concludes with the words: “Preached on Sunday. Practiced everyday.” A good reminder for us all!


This is Church LDS Mormon video

Image: YouTube screenshot from THIS IS CHURCH video