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The Symbolism of the Temple in Isaiah | Come Follow Me | 2 Nephi 12


Isaiah’s prophetic words in 2 Nephi 12 offer profound insights into the significance of the temple in the lives of the people of Judah and Jerusalem.

Isaiah’s prophecy in 2 Nephi 12 offers a powerful testament to the significance of the temple as a symbol of exaltation, repentance, and restoration. Through imagery and words, Isaiah conveys timeless truths about the transformative power of temple worship and the blessings that come from making the temple a priority in our lives.

The Temple as a Symbol of Exaltation:

Isaiah’s vision of the Lord’s house established in the top of the mountains symbolizes exaltation and elevation above worldly concerns. The imagery of ascending to the mountain of the Lord’s house conveys the idea of seeking higher spiritual truths and divine guidance. By placing the temple at the pinnacle of their priorities, the people are lifted to a state of extreme happiness and profound connection with God.


The Consequences of Neglecting the Temple:

In contrast, Isaiah also warns of the consequences of neglecting the temple and exalting worldly pursuits. Judah and Jerusalem’s idolatry and materialism lead to their downfall, as they prioritize silver, gold, and material possessions over the worship of God. The imagery of lofty looks being humbled and haughtiness being bowed down serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of pride and self-centeredness.


Repentance and Restoration Through the Temple:

However, Isaiah’s prophecy also offers hope and redemption for the people of Judah and Jerusalem. As they repent and turn their hearts back to God, the temple becomes a place of refuge and defense, symbolized by the cloud and smoke by day and the flaming fire by night. This transformation highlights the power of the temple to heal, protect, and sanctify those who come to worship and seek God’s presence.


The Transformative Power of Temple Worship:

The temple, as described by Isaiah, serves as a sanctuary from the storms of life and a source of spiritual nourishment for the faithful. By exalting the temple in their lives and making it a priority, individuals can experience the supreme blessings that come from participating in its exalting ordinances. President Nelson’s words underscore the transformative power of temple worship in bringing about spiritual growth and exaltation for the Saints.


Relevance of Isaiah’s Message Today:

The timeless message of Isaiah’s prophecy resonates with us today, reminding us of the importance of placing the temple at the center of our lives. Just as Judah and Jerusalem were called to repentance and renewal through the temple, we too are invited to seek refuge, guidance, and exaltation in the sacred ordinances and teachings of the temple. By emulating their example of prioritizing the temple above all else, we can draw closer to God and receive His abundant blessings in our lives.



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