The Lyceum Philharmonic is one of the nation’s premier youth orchestras and has performed with guest artists such as Michael Ballam, Jenny Oaks Baker, The 5 Browns, Peter Breinholt, GENTRI, Lexi Walker, and Alex Boye.

This year, they releases CANDLELIGHT CAROL as part of the #LIGHTtheWORLD initiative for (formerly known as

As stated on their YouTube channel:

“Making this video was an adventure unlike any we had previously attempted. We have hiked our hundred-piece orchestra up mountains and streams, timpani, harp and all. But holding burning candles in one hand and valuable instruments in the other on the edge of a lake in the pitch dark of night was by far our most adventurous video shoot yet. It was an adventure for a cause! Far too often we lose sight of celebrating Christ at Christmas. This video hopefully helps us journey closer to Jesus Christ, the Light of the World.”