The Bus to Gulf Breeze - Jason Wright - Novel in Progress

The Bus to Gulf Breeze – Jason Wright – Novel in Progress

READ Jason’s latest manuscript as it’s being WRITTEN!

Jason Wright is an American author and speaker. He has written 17 books and has been published in the Deseret News, Fox News and more.

Watch him write an upcoming novel LIVE at the link below.

Also, he shares his thoughts in the post below about his new novel.


Hey Friends!

I’ll get right to it. I’ve got a big announcement I’ve been dying to share.

I’ve always loved my readers being fully involved in the writing process. I’ve never been shy about sending sneak peeks, using focus groups, and even allowing readers to name characters or important fictional landmarks in my manuscripts.

But what would it be like to allow readers to actually READ the manuscript as it’s being WRITTEN?

Starting today at 1PM/EST, we’ll find out!

Using the link, you’ll be able to watch me writing in Google Docs. All I have is a title and a rough idea in my head for a story that could be really interesting. I’ve not written a word yet, and every word I write during the first draft will be broadcast to the world in real-time.

My super talented daughter Oakli, about to graduate from BYU with a degree in publishing and editing, will be editing on the fly.

You don’t have to have a Google or any other account to view the link. Simply click and view!

If you can’t join us at 1 PM/EST, you can view the link anytime. Check back daily as the draft progresses.

See you soon!



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