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We live in a world where information comes and goes at the speed of light. While this is a blessing, it can also become a curse of information overload. Often, important things get lost in the glut of information coming to us through e-mail, television, blogs, and magazines.

A great way to combat this information overload is to take a technology fast. Many people in the computer world are starting to take breaks from technology. They call it “unplugging.” Mark Glaser, a journalist who blogs at Mediashift, wrote a post on the importance of our society to learn how to unplug.

The benefits of technology fasts are tremendous. It feels like a haze leaves your mind. You think clearer and you’re not as moody. You start to appreciate nature more. Technology fasts are a wonderful way to reconnect to your spirituality. It’s much easier to listen to the Spirit when you don’t have iPod buds in your ears or checking your e-mail every 2 minutes.

Start your technology fast today. Pick the amount of time you’re going to go with out your digital toys and do it. I suggest a week in order to get the full benefit of clearing your mind. If you HAVE to use technology for work, then do it. Stay unplugged as much as you can the rest of the time. One idea may be to cancel your cable and internet for a month. That way the temptation is not as strong. Not only do you get the benefit of less technology in your life, you’ll save some money. Perhaps you could take a percentage of what you saved on cable and make a “fast donation” to the Perpetual Education Fund.

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