Former World Middle-Weight Boxing Champion, Willard Bean is a new-comer to the town of Palmyra, New York, has just been humiliated and not allowed to shop in the local store. As he walks away, a man with a hose drenches him with water, and says, “I hear you Mormon’s believe in baptism by immersion.”  At the end of his rope, Willard swings, knocking the man out with a single blow. “Yes.”  A soaking wet Willard replies. “We also believe in the laying on of hands.”

T. C. Christensen’s newest movie entitled, “THE FIGHTING PREACHER,” is based on the real-life story of Willard and Rebecca Bean.  In 1905, Willard became the world middleweight boxing champion, but when Joseph F. Smith asked him to step away from the limelight and serve a 5-year mission to upstate New York, the Beans immediately pack their bags and travel to the east coast.  Once there, they find the hatred that existed 90 years prior is still alive and very present.

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Utah’s own award-winning producer/director, and master story-teller, T.C. Christensen, once again weaves a tale of action, romance, comedy, and drama in this heartwarming story of a couple that overcomes all odds.    It is truly a David versus Goliath story, as two people take on an entire town filled with hatred.  After 24 years in the community, they eventually become loved and respected by one and all.

In the tradition of Christensen and Remember Films, who brought you 17 Miracles, Ephraim’s Rescue, Love Kennedy, and Cokeville Miracle; this new film brings elements that make the audience laugh, cry, and most importantly, cheer the underdog.  It is scheduled for a theatrical release in mid-spring, 2019.

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