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McKay Coppins is an American journalist and author who is a staff writer for The Atlantic. In 2012, Coppins was one of the Forbes magazine’s “30 under 30” media pundits and listed along with three other young BuzzFeed News journalists as one of Politico’s “ten breakout reporters of 2012.” He is a regular contributor to CNN and MSNBC.

Coppins grew up in Holliston, Massachusetts. He graduated from Brigham Young University where he was editor of BYU’s student newspaper, The Daily Universe.

Ep 384 Mckay Coppins

0:00- About McKay

4:13- Serving a mission in Dallas, TX

10:37- Reporting on political issues- nuances between the Church and mainstream conservative views

17:03- Responsibilities as a reporter and member of the Church; being labeled as “the Mormon Wikipedia”

22:37- Working with The Atlantic in the current political climate

28:09- The value of responsible journalism

35:07- How a recognized religious affiliation affects reporting

41:55- Meeting his wife

43:05- The growing “Mormon” presence in journalism

47:29- Upcoming news from Washington, D.C.

51:27- Family life and future career goals

54:48- Ending questions