Music for Latter-day Life is an awesome resource for choosing songs for home worship!

Check them out at the link above.

Some of their best tips, IMHO, are below (if no one plays the piano in your home).

Photo of Children's Songbook

If no one in your family plays the piano…

here are some options to help you sing the hymns or songs. See the Resources page for links and explanations about how to use them.

  • The Music Player on
  • The Sacred Music App
  • The Gospel Library App
  • The Sing-Along Hymns App (Apple devices only)
  • If you play guitar or ukulele, you can play chords to accompany the singing. Chords can be found on songs in the Children’s Songbook, Hymns Made Easy, and Hymns – Simplified Accompaniments. These books also have guitar chord charts in the back of the book if there is a chord you don’t know how to play.


If you’re looking for help choosing or using music for your Come, Follow Me study or lessons, see the CFM Songs and Ideas pages.