Kelsey Edwards, Garth Smith, and Nick Galieti - LDS MissionCast
Music has a special way of communicating gospel principles and inspiration from the Spirit. Music can help in missionary efforts in a number of ways as well. On the LDS MissionCast Podcast this week, Garth Smith talks about some of his experiences giving firesides around the country, and he also talks about his own missionary service among the Navajo Indians in the southwest United States. Garth and his wife present multi-media firesides that primarily use music to convey truths of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and the power of the atonement. All the music from this episode comes from Garth Smith!

Shawn Rapier and Brian Brough

Following that interview Shawn Rapier of the Latter-day Lives Podcast interviews LDS Director and Producer, Brian Brough, Brian created a number of wonderful films, including an upcoming film about Emma Smith; Brian shares a powerful conversion story from his missionary service in the Sao Paulo, Brazil mission about an investigator who, after years of meeting with missionaries was able to come to a testimony of the prophetic calling of Joseph Smith.

To listen to the full interview with Brian Brough and Shawn Rapier, click here.

In the wake of the tragedies in Florida,  Kelsey Edwards shares a beautiful and inspiring message about individual worth and potential for good. Listen to the full episode here:

Kelsey Edwards - LDS MissionCast Host

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