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Mormon Music Powerhouses Lexi Walker and Brady Bills combine on “BLACKBIRD” to help refugees


Brady Bills (Guitarist for THE STRIKE and DAVID ARCHULETA) recently teamed up with Lexi Walker to release a cover of BLACKBIRD to benefit the Amar Foundation.

Amar does some amazing things with refugees in war-torn countries, and has really made a difference in Iraq. Elder Holland has actually been involved in some Amar activities in the past.


Brady recently came out with a Facebook post about why he and Lexi teamed up to help Amar:


Lexi Walker and I officially released a beautiful song for a purpose that is very dear to my heart. There are around 60 million refugees in the world right now. I don’t have much money but I can play guitar a bit so I decided to record a song and release it with all proceeds going to the AMAR Foundation, who help refugees in the Middle East in their home country. Their model of relief (healthcare, education, mental health, skills and supplies) are sustainable and effective.
Please check out the video and follow the link in the video description to buy the song and help out.
Special thanks to Jacob Kongaika (graphics) Soularium Studios (recording) Kenny Amacher, Eric Thayne (video) Scott Wiley, June Audio (mix), Bobby James (drums) and the legal team. All of who donated their time and talents.


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Lexi released the video on her YouTube channel. This description is on the video:

To purchase the track (we would really love it if you did!):

To learn more about the AMAR Foundation:

To connect with the amazingly talented people who helped make this project possible:

Brady Bills: Guitar/Bass/Production/Arrangement
Eric Thayne: Video
Bobby James: Drums
Soularium Studios: Recording engineer
Scott Wiley: Mix engineer
Jake Kongaika: Graphics
Laurie Vander Does: Distribution
Ryan Rudd: Legal

This is the first project I’ve done where everyone donated their time and talents to help create the track and video. Our hope is that you’ll join us and make a contribution that goes directly to the AMAR Foundation. Love, Lexi

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