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Yahoo! has a program that that is free to download that allows users to put widgets on their computer desktops. Widgets are small programs that can be designed to do a variety of things such as give you the weather, update you on the news, or tell you when your favorite blog has a new post- all without opening your web browser.

There are a few LDS themed widgets in their widget gallery. My favorites are the LDS quotes and BYU Radio widgets.

One of my favorite widgets in the gallery is the photo frame widget. You can set the frame to a feed and get different pictures of the temple or other church art directly sent to your desktop.


  1. The problem with this post is that when I click on the link. Yahoo tells me no more desktop widgets can be downloaded, as of April 11, 2012. Sigh. Thanks, but a little too late, unless you can tell me how to make Yahoo think it's two months ago?

    1. I see original date of post was in 2010, when the widgets were still active. That's great, but why repost when they're now gone?

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