Latter Day Lives podcast with Jenny Dye and John Dye

Latter Day Lives podcast with Jenny Dye and John Dye

Shawn Rapier.

A writer, comedian, speaker, sales guy, frequent flyer, Lakers fan, Disney fan, young men’s secretary, husband, father and, of course, devout Mormon who is the host of LATTER DAY LIVES, a great podcast with some great LDS talent!

Seriously . . .

he has some great talent.

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Episode 37— the guests are Jenny and John Dye.

Jenny is a blogger, podcast host, and all-around guru of all things in the social media and influencer world.

John is Senior Director of Marketing at doTERRA and assisted with social media and influencer efforts at Boncom / Articulate Agency, the driving force behind many of the outreach efforts for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In this episode, the Dyes talk with Shawn about dealing with divorce in the church, falling in love, combining families, the role of influencers, sharing testimonies and so much more! John and Jenny are candid, charming and will bring a smile to your face. It is a wonderful conversation with two great souls.

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