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A mixed group of Mormon and Evangelical Christian social media influencers recently united for a common good. Check out what they are doing here!
Together, they are partnering with Healing Waters International, a Denver based non-profit/cause whose mission is to help end the Global Water Crisis in our lifetime through providing water purification systems, giving sanitation and hygiene education and providing water based micro-businesses set up as self-sustaining enterprises.
Who’s going?
The Bucket List Family – – Arguably one of the most well-known influencer families in the United States. LDS
Liz Hernandez – – Movie star, TV personality, inspirational speaker. Evangelical Christian
John Luke and Mary Kate Robertson – From Duck Dynasty. Evangelical Christian.
Annie Hawkins – – A pro-soccer player, captain of the Utah RSL women’s team. Evangelical Christian
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Their vision is that they, as influencers, can accomplish a lot more together than they can individually.“We are bridge builders and share many of the same sensibilities and values. The world is divided on so many issues, so we’ve decided to stack hands and focus and celebrate our similarities and the positive, lasting impact we can have by working together.”
Healing Waters operates as a global organization that works in South America, Mexico, Haiti, Dominican Republic and parts of Africa.
They all traveled to Guatemala for a week (April 27- May 4) to see, learn and experience the impactful work that Healing Waters is doing there.
The goal of the trip is to launch what they’re calling the FLTR Movement.
Raise awareness around the Global Water Crisis – It’s a real thing that affects 1.8 billion people around the world
Provide education – That every 90 seconds, someone dies from a water related issue and that there is a solution that could end the Global Water Crisis in our lifetime
Inspire action – Donating money to Healing Waters International. A one of a kind “FLTR” hat has been designed and provided by Zephyr Hats that will be available for purchase. This is a 1:1 movement where a single hat sold provides water for a single person for their lifetime.