How to watch Sister Patricia Holland’s funeral today

Watch Sister Patricia Holland’s funeral




How to watch Sister Patricia Holland’s funeral today

Held in the Conference Center Theater in Salt Lake City, the funeral of Sister Patricia Terry Holland will be broadcast this morning at 11 a.m. MDT.

More information and the broadcast is at

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How Sister Holland’s Funeral Service Touched the Hearts of Latter-day Saints


Remembering Sister Patricia Holland

Sister Patricia Holland, wife of Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, was a cherished member of the Latter-day Saints community. She devoted her life to serving others and exemplified the core principles of love, compassion, and faith. Her passing left a void in the hearts of many, but her memory continues to inspire and uplift.

A Gathering of Hearts

The funeral service held in honor of Sister Holland was not merely an event; it was a gathering of hearts. Thousands of Latter-day Saints congregated at the venue, coming together to celebrate the life of a woman who touched their lives in meaningful ways. The atmosphere was filled with both sorrow and gratitude, as attendees shared cherished memories of their interactions with Sister Holland.

Eulogies Filled with Love and Reverence

During the funeral service, several eulogies were delivered, each bearing witness to Sister Holland’s remarkable character. Friends, family, and fellow church members stood before the congregation, expressing their profound love and admiration for this extraordinary woman. Their heartfelt words highlighted her unwavering faith, selflessness, and genuine kindness, leaving a lasting impact on everyone present.

Sister Holland’s Enduring Legacy

As the funeral service progressed, it became evident that Sister Holland’s legacy extended far beyond her immediate circle. Her charitable endeavors, unyielding commitment to her faith, and dedication to uplifting others left an indelible mark on the wider Latter-day Saints community. Her example continues to inspire countless individuals to live with greater compassion and kindness.


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