Book of Mormon is casting for background actors now!

BYU Studies: Inequality and Narrative in the Book of Mormon


BYU Studies

BYU Studies Quarterly
The Restored Gospel and Good Government

The most recent issue of BYU Studies Quarterly explores principles that create good government from a Latter-day Saint perspective. The deep scholarship, ardent scripture study, hands-on experience, creative energies, and personal examples of the contributors to this volume are attempts at the hard work of distilling scriptural truth into actionable civic principles.
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Good Government

Linda Hoffman Kimball

Good Government, quilt by Linda Hoffman Kimball
Artist and author Linda Hoffman Kimball’s textile artwork is a nonverbal exploration of the question “What makes for a good government?” Her short description of the process—and mishap—that came with the work’s creation provides a glimpse into the work in progress we aspire to: Zion.
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“Inequality and Narrative in the Book of Mormon”

Robert F. Schwartz

Mormon Abridging the Plates, by Tom Lovell
A central theme of the Book of Mormon is inequality among different classes and its consequences. Robert F. Schwartz delves into these patterns in a way that can give insight into the struggles we experience as Church members today.
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Come, Follow Me

Exodus 24; 31–34

“My Presence Shall Go with Thee”

Mount Sinai, photo by Mohammed Moussa (Wikimedia)
The law of Moses brought the children of Israel to Christ through strict obedience to ordinances and performances. These rituals would help them remember God and their duty to him. The law of Moses is a witness of Jesus Christ and the Atonement.
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Saints, Volume 3 Is Released

Have you seen that Saints, Volume 3 is newly available? Here’s an interview with Scott Hales and Jed Woodworth, two of the writing team that created this volume. They explain how stories were chosen for this volume and how the writers were able to cover such a long span of Church history (1893–1995). Interviewer Kurt Manwaring asks about the Second Manifesto, the Reed Smoot hearings, and major developments of the Church.
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