Hat tip to Maeser Art!

The work of the Lord is moving forward like never before.

He is hastening His work.

I saw these statistics the other day and it made me so proud and honored to be a member of God’s church.

Temples are the most important and sacred buildings on earth. From the beginning of time, God’s people have always been asked to build a temple, even though it wasn’t convenient or always comfortable. Having temples on earth help us come closer to our Savior and our Father.

We can literally and spirituality be in their presence. God’s prophets have always been temple builders. Like so many before him, President Nelson has made temples and temple building a priority of his ministry. If it means this much to him, imagine what it means to our Savior?

We are blessed to live in a time where temples are being built faster than ever before. Are we temple builders by doing everything we can to attend and do temple work?

We all have a beautiful part to play in this GREAT and MARVELOUS work!