After receiving positive reports of the Great Salt Lake area from members of the Church of Jesus Christ living in present-day South Dakota, Brigham Young and other church leaders reconvened and Young announced his intention to settle “somewhere near the Great Salt Lake.”

Happy Pioneer Day! See Brigham Young’s VISION of Ensign Peak


Joseph Smith had just been murdered, and the Saints in Nauvoo were fleeing persecution. It was now Brigham Young’s turn to lead the Saints to safety. But where?

Did you know that Joseph Smith appeared to Brigham Young in a vision, showing him a hill with a flag on it? And have you ever seen the flag representing the Kingdom of God? Learn about this miraculous vision and much more in this video!

Join host, Casey Griffiths, and the Book of Mormon Central Video Team in a new video style as we go on a journey up Ensign Peak!

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