The Golden Plates Comic Book

The perfect gift idea for a young person to help get them interested in reading the scriptures!

My wife got me the first volume The Golden Plates. It’s the story of the sword of Laban and the Tree of Life put into comic book format. Michael Allred is the creator. He’s famous for his Madman comic series.

Michael did a surprisingly good job incorporating the story of Lehi into a comic book. The text of the comic is basically verbatim from the Book of Mormon. The illustrations are amazing. They’re not cheesy or over the top.

I think this would be the perfect gift idea for a young person who’s not that interested in reading the scriptures. I think the new format could help spark an interest in the scriptures for someone in whom it is lacking. Brother Allred has taken something that is usally seen as dull and turned it into something hip and exciting while maintaining respect for the scriptures.

You can find The Golden Plates on Amazon.com. Price is about $6.

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