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God helps people in different ways—He helps in a way personalized for YOU


God helps people in different ways. Look at the stories of Limhi and Alma.

Both King Limhi’s people and Alma’s people were slaves to the Lamanites. The Lord helped each group, but in unique ways:

  • Limhi’s people were still repenting for their sins under King Noah. The Lord helped them escape by getting the guards drunk so they could sneak away (see Mosiah 22:6–16).
  • Alma’s people were new believers. The Lord gave them strength to endure their hardships. When the time was right, He made the Lamanites fall into a deep sleep, allowing Alma’s people to escape without using wine. Later, He warned Alma when the Lamanites were chasing them (see Mosiah 24:23).

Both groups were saved by the Lord. Here are three things we can learn:

  1. Making and keeping promises with the Lord means He will help you. If you choose to be baptized and follow Jesus Christ, you will get extra help and power in your life.
  2. Even when we mess up, the Lord will help us as we repent and turn to Him. It’s never too late to follow Him again.
  3. The Lord helps different people in different ways, even if they have similar problems. His solution for you might be different from someone else’s.

Bottom line? The Lord’s help is personal and perfect for YOU!

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