Get Free Frequent Flyer Miles to Visit LDS Church History Sites


I want to stand in the Sacred Grove. I’d like to see Carthage Jail. How cool would it be to visit the Hill Cumorah? What if I told you that you could do all of these things and pay little to nothing for your flights, hotels, and even your rental car?

If you’re like me before 3 years ago, these are “someday” dreams – timeless hopes without a basis for execution. Always prefaced by qualifiers like “It would be nice to…” or “If only we didn’t have hospital bills…” these ephemeral aspirations were little more than fantasies, and certainly not plans in the works.

But that was before we discovered we could prudently use our excellent credit to acquire loads and loads of frequent flyer miles. I know, I know… [gasp] but credit cards are evil, and debt is a tool of enslavement. To some degree, that’s exactly right. But I’m not talking about debt, I’m talking about making everyday purchases on a credit card that you immediately pay off. This is about using credit cards not as credit, but as currency – currency that has the brilliant byproduct of massive amounts of frequent flyer miles – more than 1.6 million and counting in my case. We’ve used a chunk of them, but we still have more than a million and some of them are earmarked for exactly this kind of LDS Church History Tour.

We’ve had so much fun doing it, and attracted such a following, that we’ve been sharing the secrets of traveling the “free-way” on our blog:

We’ve given a detailed description of exactly how this works in our Visit the LDS Church History Sites post. We know this isn’t something that will work for everyone, but for people who can make only purchases they would otherwise make and meet the requirements to obtain the points, it’s a practice that does make a lot of sense—not unlike the couponing craze that has taken much of the Mormon community by storm—we’re a cost-conscientious people.

If visiting the Church History sites is something you’ve already crossed off your bucket list, we’d urge you to visit our blog and see what other amazing adventures you might be able to pull off. We’re visiting Italy this fall for a total of $81 per RT plane ticket. Whatever your travel aspirations might be, share them with us and we’d love to help you find a way to make them happen.

If this isn’t life hacking, I don’t know what is. We’re talking about shortcuts to seeing to fruition some of your greatest life dreams. Our passion is travel and we want to make it not just a passion for you, but a reality for you. Stop by and wanderlust with us.

Brad and Sheldon Christensen are two Mormon brothers who share travel tips on The site is a comprehensive database of how frequent flyer mile programs work and how you can maximize them to take incredible journeys.

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