5 beloved religious hymns

Five Beloved Religious Hymns


Five Beloved Religious Hymns

Religious hymns have been existing for such a long time, and these powerful musical pieces have carried us through difficult and painful phases in our lives. For some people, especially the younger generation, listening to gospels may be a challenge and hymns aid them in repairing the disconnection. Hymns make our religious practices more enjoyable as we connect our faith to music for deeper expression of our beliefs and experience God’s amazing love for us.

Hymns have long been part of our religious and musical practices, for they do not only express faith and belief, but they also serve as a great training ground for music lessons in the churches. Young church-goers enjoy more of their faith as they learn these hymns and later on develop their talent as they get to know God more too.

Through hymns, people from all walks of life and different ages learn to embrace more of their faith and appreciate ancient gospels that have been taught to us for many years now. With hymns, prayers and gospels become more remarkable and easier to express. Unconsciously, songs linger in our memory because of the melody and the easy recall that it gives. It is just one of the many reasons why hymns are essential in any form of worship and prayer.

Here are five beloved religious hymns that have been part of many people’s faith and life.

  1. Amazing Grace by John Newton

English poet and Anglican clergyman John Newton used his personal experience to strengthen the faith of many people. And up until now, this lesson is still reflected among the people. These words from this hymn will warm one’s heart and unconsciously cry as they experience God’s, unconditional and faithful love. This hymn reminds us of God’s unwavering love for us, despite all our sins. One of the most popular hymns of all time, Amazing Grace, uses simple and sincere words to express faith and praise to God. It is not surprising that this is a widely used song during praise and worships and even during recollections to reconnect with God.


“Amazing grace! How sweet the sound

That saved a wretch like me!

I once was lost, but now am found;

Was blind, but now I see.”


  1. Mary’s Boy Child by Harry Belafonte

It is a song that talks about the birth of Jesus Christ, this hymn popularly rings to people’s ears as they welcome the Christmas season every year. The message of this hymn is timeless, as it educates people about Jesus Christ’s birth and reminds them about the Savior’s promise of eternity to us. This hymn is a great song, especially for children, to embrace the gospel through this simple but powerful song.

“A long time ago in Bethlehem

So the Holy Bible say

Mary’s boy child Jesus Christ

Was born on Christmas day”


  1. Angels We Have Heard on High by Josh Groban

A remarkable choir piece, this is a wonderful hymn that signals the start of every Christmas celebration as it expresses celebration and welcoming of the coming of Jesus Christ. This song originated from a traditional French song and became a staple hymn during the Christmas season. Its joyous melody surely warms hearts on a cold winter season. With its popularity all over the world, it will not be surprising to know that people can easily sing along with it as soon as they hear its melody.


“Angels we have heard on high

Sweetly singing o’er the plains

And the mountains in reply

Echoing their joyous strains

Gloria in excelsis Deo!

Gloria in excelsis Deo!”


  1. Praise to The Lord the Almighty by Joachim Neander

In a summary of Psalms 103 and 150, Joachim Neander concisely talks about how God is worthy of all our praises. “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty” is the most popular of all the 60 hymns written by Neander about his faith as he marvels at the beauty of God’s creation. The calming melody of this hymn makes it easier to rest in God’s love as one tries to release all those pent-up emotions in facing the daily struggles of life.


“Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation!

O my soul, praise Him, for He is thy health and salvation!

All ye who hear, now to His temple draw near;

Praise Him in glad adoration.”


  1. A Mighty Fortress is Our God by Martin Luther

Inspired by Psalm 46, this hymn by Martin Luther summarizes his strong faith when he faced the challenges during the Protestant Reformation. Famously known as Luther’s Battle Hymn, this song emphasizes that God is a powerful source of strength and peace amidst the noise and struggles. This hymn is still timely, as people often experience doubt in their faith and a lack of will to fight in life. Problems make our faith weak, but as told in this hymn, God is our fortress, shield, and weapon, come what may. God is bigger and more powerful compared to the struggles that we are facing and these lines from the hymn can deliver strength to anyone who listens to it.


“A mighty fortress is our God, a trusty shield and weapon;

He helps us free from every need That hath us now overtaken.

The old evil foe now means deadly woe; deep guile and great might

Are his dread arms in fight; on Earth is not his equal.”


Hymns are written for various reasons and are sung by people in different situations. These hymns were written decades or centuries ago, but their timeless messages of faith will always be relevant to our daily fight with life. There are no reformations, nomadic living, or slavery unlike in the past where most of these hymns were inspired, but these hymns are classics, and they touch the hearts despite the big difference in time and situation.

Old hymns are always perfect aid in incorporating biblical and musical lessons. It is easier for the young generation to love the gospel when music is there. It is more effective too for adults to use these hymns in prayer time. After all, prayers come in songs too. Hymns make the prayers more powerful and heartfelt for where when one utters the lyrics, tears pour out, too. What a great way to worship and express our faith in God by incorporating the gospel with hymns.


These are just five of the countless amazing beautiful hymns that can resonate to anyone’s life whatever their situation is. Some of these five hymns may not be that popular as the others but the meaning behind them are all overwhelmingly powerful and perfect to deepen faith through musical lessons and prayers. Listen to these hymns and let the ears and the heart be open to the wonderful message that they offer to anyone who hears it. Overall, faith and music withstand time and these two will always be vital to a person’s life. Listen to these hymns and marvel at the beauty of faith and music combined.

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