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In your search for ancestors, the hunt on the internet can be daunting. Sometimes too much of a good thing can be overwhelming, but this site is definitely a keeper. Find A Grave located at can help you find ancestors and save you a bit of traveling. Comprised of volunteers who visit cemeteries, extract information and post it online all for FREE. Photos are included if they are available. You can then create a memorial page and add additional information with a FREE account.

Start your search broad depending on your surname, but include the country. If your surname is SMITH, put a bit more information in your search as you may receive too many results. But with my maiden name of LONDELIUS, I just needed to type the surname alone with country and reaped the results. I received additional information that I didn’t have before, pictures of tombstones, dates and all of this saved me a trip to the cemetery. Keep in mind to check this site often as new information is added every day.

You can become a member, create a memorial, submit data, add flowers, photos and search their database at no charge. Another added benefit of the Internet and volunteers always working together.

  1. Your first paragraph is partially correct.. Find A Grave is a great site but the last half of the paragraph is misleading to incorrect. If someone goes out and takes a photo of the headstone and posts it on Find A Grave, they are posting the photo on an already established memorial for that deceased person. You can not then add another memorial for that same person as duplicates are not allowed plus you still don’t have a photo for your duplicated memorial because posting photos from another web page is also not allowed. Check out the Help with Find A Grave on the left side of any memorial page.
    Best regards,

  2. I love my account at Find-A-Grave, but I have a problem. My cousin died after posting a lot of our family’s history. I would like to transfer management of her memorials to my account, but I can’t do that without administrator intervention. Neither my e-mail to nor my snail mail to P.O. Box 522107 SLC is ever answered. How can I reach a human being there to effect the transfer?

  3. Rich, I’m sorry, but I have no idea. We’re not affiliated with them in any way. We merely report about services, tools, etc. that we think will be interesting and useful to our readers. I’d recommend sending a few more emails. However, without power of attorney so that you can access and transfer the account (or it’s data) yourself, very few, if any, online services will turn over a person’s account to another person. So you’ll want to make sure that legally you have the right to access his account, or even if somebody does respond, they’ll be unlikely to offer any help.

    1. Thanks, Tevya. My first step is communicating with a human being at Find-A-Grave. If I can’t do that, I can’t do anything else. Yes, a Power of Attorney would be helpful, but you can’t ask a dead person to execute one! Her heir was her husband who has also passed away. Among the orphan pages are our grandparents. I think I can plead a case for managing their pages if I prove (1) my cousin is indeed dead (I have a copy of her death certificate) and (2) I am indeed their grandchild (again I have certificates to prove it). N.B. I do not want to log in to my cousin’s account, I just want the admin to transfer management of her pages to me (as my cousin could have done if she were living).

      1. I am pleased to report that today, six weeks after my original e-mail to info(at), I received a reply confirming that management of the sites created by my late cousin has been transferred to me.

  4. I have had wonderful luck with Find a Grave, I found family plots emailed the email associated with it and they transferred them the next day to me.
    I am currently searching for Greenwood Cemetery in Houston/Humble Tx area that was the burial place of Margart G.P Stegall in Feb of 1967 if anyone knows of the location or has historical photos or address from then please contact me. Thank you so much.

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