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In your search for ancestors, the hunt on the internet can be daunting. Sometimes too much of a good thing can be overwhelming, but this site is definitely a keeper. Find A Grave located at can help you find ancestors and save you a bit of traveling. Comprised of volunteers who visit cemeteries, extract information and post it online all for FREE. Photos are included if they are available. You can then create a memorial page and add additional information with a FREE account.

Start your search broad depending on your surname, but include the country. If your surname is SMITH, put a bit more information in your search as you may receive too many results. But with my maiden name of LONDELIUS, I just needed to type the surname alone with country and reaped the results. I received additional information that I didn’t have before, pictures of tombstones, dates and all of this saved me a trip to the cemetery. Keep in mind to check this site often as new information is added every day.

You can become a member, create a memorial, submit data, add flowers, photos and search their database at no charge. Another added benefit of the Internet and volunteers always working together.